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Is It Just Me?

I’ve known for a long time, but it was recently pointed out to me that I’m a … we’ll say, a bit picky when it comes to mac & cheese. You’d think that would mean I’d need the high-end, home made stuff. Nope. (Although, my step-mother does make a really good home made version!)

It has to be Kraft Mac & Cheese. And it has to be spirals Kraft Mac & Cheese. But does it stop there? No…it doesn’t. It has to be made with margarine (instead of butter). Weird, right? I mean, butter is *fantastic* in just about everything…except mac & cheese. And that’s really the only reason I keep margarine in the house *grin*

It’s NOT Just Me!

While growing up, I distinctly remember having a conversation with my Grandma about why she didn’t wear jeans. It boggled my mind that anyone would romp around in anything but blue jeans. At the time, she simply said, “Chinos are more comfortable.” Tee hee Chinos. That always made me smile. I suppose we’d call them Dockers or Khakis now 😉

At the time, I’m sure I gave her “a look” meant to say you’re crazy, lady! And lovely lady that she was, she just let it pass.

I get it now. Not that I’m lounging around in Chinos (LOL!) or even Dockers…but I don’t wear jeans around the house.

Actually … if I don’t have to take Logan to school, I’m usually in my PJs for most of the day *blush*

And I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that last week at the grocery store, the clerk asked me where I work – she was jealous and wanted to wear jeans to work too. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’d actually “dressed up” to go there…

My conclusion is that Jeans are built for the young. My kids lounge in them all day. Me? As soon as I walk through the door – if no one else is coming over that day, I’m back into my lounging pants.

Is It Just Me?

I’ve been having a lot of very strange dreams lately. I won’t get into all of them here, but the one that keeps nagging me is the one where I have incredibly loose teeth. All of my bottom teeth except the molars, in fact. And they never actually fall out – they just look and feel like they’re about to.

If you look up what dreams are supposed to mean…be prepared to get a bit uncomfortable! Seriously – there are some dark people out there!!

One site I found said that losing your teeth is one of the most common asked about dream. (Guess that means it’s not just me… 😉 ) I liked the site because it had ALL the various interpretations (not just the “You’re going to lose a loved one” variation*. YIKES!)

My favorite two interpretations from there are:

Another rationalization for these falling teeth dreams may be rooted in your fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in some situation. These dreams are an over-exaggeration of your worries and anxieties. Perhaps you feel that you are unprepared for the task at hand. However, you will find that your worries are unfounded in most cases. Sometimes what plays out in your mind is far worse than what is reality.

Teeth are used to bite, tear, chew and gnaw. In this regard, teeth symbolize power. And the loss of teeth in your dream may be from a sense of powerlessness. Are you lacking power in some current situation? Perhaps you are having difficulties expressing yourself or getting your point across. You feel frustrated when your voice is not being heard. You may be experiencing feelings of inferiority and a lack of self-confidence in some situation or relationship in your life. This dream may be an indication that you need to be more assertive and believe in the importance of what you have to say.

Ya. Both of those fit. I do have anxiety (a topic for another blog post…), and I do feel like I’ve lost control of my kids lately (holy COW! Why won’t they listen any more??) But perhaps since my teeth never actually fall out, I’m just on the brink of losing control?? heh

Another site mentioned that the actual loss of teeth doesn’t mean anything – it’s how you felt while dreaming that means something. Oh goodie. I’m pretty sure I was quite panicked.

Anyone else out there dream about loose teeth? What about some other recurring dream you have? Have you looked up what it means?

*Note about losing loved ones…unless Fish count, I’ve had this dream enough times to know that THAT’S not true…

Is It Just Me?

I know that I get grossed out by a lot of things…some are legitimate and some are probably not-so-much…but I can’t be the only one who gets the heeby jeebies by the milk crusties…right?

You know what I’m talking about…when you open a new gallon of milk, there’s always the white crusty/flaky stuff that falls off (dried milk, I’m guessing…). And of course, if I’m not paying attention, it usually falls off and right into my cereal or the kids’ cups. EWW!!

Lately, I’ve noticed that a certain brand has those crusties every single time I open the milk!! This brand has the twist-off cap instead of the pop-off cap, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it…but I think I’m going to avoid that brand from now on – if I can.

It’s a good thing I don’t use milk all that often…I really don’t like it that much…but this is just the icing on the cake. 😛

Is It Just Me? (with text this time)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of flossing…like when you get a popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth. Or beef (mmmm….beef). Or any type of Chinese food 😉

But I’ve found that the more you floss, the more you need to. I suppose it makes sense…when you floss, you create a bigger space between your teeth. So…more space for stuff to get stuck the next time you eat!

Note: Not sure what happened the first time I tried…it only took me 6 hours to figure out I had a blank post!

Certain Things That Stick With You (Is It Just Me?)

Have you ever noticed that the things that have happened in your past that are most memorable are usually ones that were the most embarrassing? Of course I remember lots of GOOD things too, but the embarrassing ones seem to pop up out of nowhere. At random times. Just to make me feel like cringing all over again.

Examples, you say? Oh sure – why not.

Crying at my own birthday party. And trying to crawl under a rocking chair. Why? Because I didn’t want to get those spankings. I believe I was in the 3rd grade. New to my school. Good times.

Two in one day! At some point when I was in elementary school (5th grade, maybe?), we had a chimney fire at our house. In my rush to get out, I had put on a zip-up sweatshirt but forgot to put a t-shirt under it. As one of the first ones to ‘develop’ in my class, having no t-shirt on was quite bothersome to me…luckily, I don’t think it was widely known to my classmates. That same day, one of our neighbors was talking with me about the fire while we were walking from the bus stop to the school … so I wasn’t really thinking about things. When we got to the road we needed to cross, I looked both ways and crossed. Which made the appointed 6th grade crossing guard upset that I didn’t wait for HER to tell us when to cross…which she then reported to the vice principal…who then had to come and “chat” with me about obeying the rules. (Cuz, you know, in the 5th grade, I don’t know how to cross the road by myself!! …and it’s not like I did it on purpose anyway…)

Almost learning a new word. In the 6th grade, I believe I told my teacher that he was taking us for granite. Yes. He laughed.

It’s just a name. Also in the 6th grade, I managed to piss off a (different) beloved teacher without really meaning to. I’d been calling her daughter, a good friend, “Little T” and then called her “Big T” … which she didn’t like at all. (Totally understandable looking back at it NOW…didn’t mean anything by it when I did it though.)

Smell? In Jr. High, I was sitting next to a guy who liked me (and I knew it), when he told me that I smelled good – like baby powder. I shrugged and said “oh, that’s my deodorant.” To which he said nothing. Thinking he hadn’t heard me, I said it again…and got a look that said, “duh, I heard you the first time.” Which embarrassed me more than if I’d just kept my mouth shut and let the embarrassment stay on him.

Boing! Also in Jr. High, I was at our local fair (Field Days) just hanging out…when a guy who liked me (and I knew it – different guy than from above) started to stare at me. So, I gave him the ‘stink-eye’ … and walked face-first into the line that held up the tent I was going by. Yes. He laughed.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who relives these things. (Wait, please tell me that I AM the only one reliving my things though!)

Is It Just Me?

I’ve had this post formulating in my head for a few days now, and nearly fell off my chair last night when I watched The Big Bang Theory and realized that this may be just me … and Sheldon!

Since I have kids (and a husband who snores like a banshee), I’m often woken up in the middle of the night. When that happens, I lie there and try to convince myself that I don’t have to get up and pee….trying to not think about the sips of water I’ve had before bed. But as soon as the word “pee” materializes in my head it’s over. I can try to convince myself that it’s ridiculous – I just used the bathroom an hour ago, or even just 20 minutes ago (yes, sometimes just 20, shoosh)…but it doesn’t matter. If I don’t get up and use the bathroom, I’m just awake for the next half hour playing games in my head about how I don’t have to go…and then I have to get up anyway.

And forget about it if I actually have to get up to see to one of the kids! As soon as my feet hit the floor it’s like a signal to my bladder. Again, even if I’ve just gone 20 minutes before!! If I’ve fallen to sleep between – it’s over.

Anyone else…?

Is It Just Me?

When watching any sort of movie or TV show (or even just a Victoria’s Secret ad!) where a woman removes some clothing…it’s hard to not notice that the under things always match. Does this truly happen in real life?? Not MINE. I mean, sure – I have bras that match panties…but do they ever end up on my body at the same time? …never on purpose, I can tell you that!

Also – I typically wear a bra more than once before washing it…but (obviously) not panties. Do these ladies buy everything 1 for 1, or do they have 3 or 4 matching panties for every bra they own?

And … what happens if I like the darker or more patterned under things? I can’t wear those under light colored clothing, right? …well, I guess I COULD, but I don’t.

I suppose I DO match…but it’s more that I match my bra to my shirt and my undies to my pants! Lights with light, darks with dark.

Anyone out there who’s always matching?

Is It Just Me?

I’m very particular about my toothbrush. Just watching someone on TV ‘borrow’ another’s toothbrush because they spent the night gives me the willies. And I get that whole “But…they were just totally making out…” thing, but it’s DIFFERENT!!

I get the willies if someone else’s toothbrush is touching mine…and I know that it’s sad since the only time that happens is if it’s my own family! I can’t help it. *sigh* You know those Sanitary toothbrush holder things they advertise on TV? You know…you’ve probably made fun of it…you put your toothbrush into it so that it kills all the germs and stuff? Ya. . . I’d *LOVE* that thing!! (As long as no other toothbrushes in it are touching mine…)

And as long as we’re on the subject…when, exactly, do you change your toothbrush out if you’ve been sick? I mean … are you staying sick longer if you keep the same toothbrush through the duration? At what point do you determine “I’m well now, I should start using a new toothbrush.” The upswing? When you have absolutely no symptoms anymore? I have a lingering cough right now, but I don’t think I’m sick anymore…do I switch my toothbrush out?

Is It Just Me?

While I was up in Vermont (visiting my new niece!!), I noticed that my little sister was starting to wear her hair parted on the side. Which looks GREAT on her, just so you know.

I had also put a few old pictures up on my fridge right before we left for VT…and in one of them my hair looks GREAT … parted on the side.

I thought to myself, “Self – is it time to try the side part again??”

So…now I remember why I stopped doing it. Even though I’m having a fairly good hair day today (if I do say so myself), my neck is starting to hurt! I find that I’m constantly tipping my head to the side so that my damn hair falls away from my face.

And sure, I could tuck it behind my ears, but then the “fairly good hair day” isn’t as good…and that makes for terrible “next day hair” (cuz who the hell has the time to shower every day??). Why terrible? Because my hair tends to form to whatever binds it…ears, pony tail holders, head bands…you name it. So then I get all these strange loopy, kinked strands when I try to put it in a pony tail the “next day.” (or you can still see where the headband was on the top of my head…)

…Is it just me?