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Is It Just Me?

I’ve known for a long time, but it was recently pointed out to me that I’m a … we’ll say, a bit picky when it comes to mac & cheese. You’d think that would mean I’d need the high-end, home made stuff. Nope. (Although, my step-mother does make a really good home made version!)

It has to be Kraft Mac & Cheese. And it has to be spirals Kraft Mac & Cheese. But does it stop there? No…it doesn’t. It has to be made with margarine (instead of butter). Weird, right? I mean, butter is *fantastic* in just about everything…except mac & cheese. And that’s really the only reason I keep margarine in the house *grin*

4 Responses

  1. I have some piky mac n’ cheese connoseirs in my house too! Just tonight I served Annie’s which has to be orange, made with two boxes, but only one pakage of cheese. They don’t like it too cheesy!

  2. I used to be picky, but haven’t had mac ‘n’cheese for a long, long time until about a month ago when I decided to try making it from scratch. I didn’t get it right. One of the versions I really like is the one you brought home from Stan and Priscilla (or was it Anne and Marty?) Opposite from Amanda, the one I made wasn’t cheesy enough and there was something else missing, but I can’t put my finger on it.

  3. I have a neighbor who used to only, literally only eat annie’s mac and cheese. I mean he wouldn’t eat anything else for dinner. Every night was Annie’s mac and cheese. He’s now in college and I think he’s better, but for years that’s all he would eat.

  4. hence the reason you and Ethan get along so well! 🙂 And you are not picky you just know what you like!!

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