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Is It Just Me?

I’ve known for a long time, but it was recently pointed out to me that I’m a … we’ll say, a bit picky when it comes to mac & cheese. You’d think that would mean I’d need the high-end, home made stuff. Nope. (Although, my step-mother does make a really good home made version!)

It has to be Kraft Mac & Cheese. And it has to be spirals Kraft Mac & Cheese. But does it stop there? No…it doesn’t. It has to be made with margarine (instead of butter). Weird, right? I mean, butter is *fantastic* in just about everything…except mac & cheese. And that’s really the only reason I keep margarine in the house *grin*

Is It Just Me?

When I get out of the shower, I like to know (okay, I NEED to know) which end of the towel is up. Not a big deal for a freshly washed towel…but I don’t use a freshly washed towel every time, so if I over-think things I get all heeby-jeebied out. “Okay…this part dried WHERE before…and I’m using it on my FACE now???”

To make all things right with the world – I always make sure that the towel tag is on the lower right-hand side. Heaven forbid if that dang tag ever comes off…

I’ve seen the “Butt – Face” towels…but these are all wrong. You wrap a towel around you LENGTH-wise, not WIDTH-wise, so with these towels, half the butt part and half the face part are still in the wrong area!

Should I also mention here that I rinse off my soap before using it…?