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Play Ball!

Burke pitched in his first Little League game tonight! And dang. He’s pretty good (not that I’m biased or anything…)

He’s been doing such an awesome job this year …a few hiccups with his swing, but I think he’s straightened that out. He’s an amazing fielder though. Some of the catches he’s made have been a thing of beauty. And his natural instincts at 1st base have been really cool to watch!

Burke’s coach is actually also Logan’s assistant coach for T-ball…at the end of Burke’s game last week, Coach B asked Logan if he’d like to play for the A’s. No hesitation from Logan at all: “Yes!” So Coach B gave Logan a hat and shirt (the uniform) that he specifically brought FOR Logan and told him he’d be playing the next game.

Oh man. The smile on Logan’s face!! And he wore the new hat for the rest of the week. 😉

TODAY was the day Logan got to play on the big kids’ team. And geez. He did all right!! He was in the outfield, but got a ball out there and threw it to 3rd like he was supposed to. And he got 2 hits! The 2nd hit gave him an RBI…which happened to be Burke. Lol! He batted his brother in 🙂

The coolest thing? Burke was just as excited to have Logan on the team 🙂 And the other kids were great with him too!

Pool’s Up!

Today was incredibly hot. And we sat through soccer games from 2 pm until 4:30 pm. The kids were only too happy to jump into the pool when we got home 🙂

Red Sox/Indians!

What a fantastic game to see!! Sox came back to win it in the 9th!
And while Mike wasn’t too thrilled about that, the rest of us were! 🙂


Maggie has a cyst on her face that week be removed on June 7th. Up until this past week, it had just been a bump on her cheek that was sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller.

Right AFTER making the appointment to remove it, the thing exploded! So, so gross. And painful for poor miss Maggie. She can’t wait to get rid of it…but is a bit afraid of the stitches she’ll have.

Keep her in your thoughts on the 7th!

More Graduation

Logan graduated from his 3rd year of preschool!!

No more preschool in our house 🙂


My baby sister, Meghan, graduated from UVM!

Loving My Thirty-One Business!

Haircut + Rain = Holy Curls!

My New Locket

I am loving this locket I created at an Origami Owl “jewelry bar” party at my friend Lori’s house.

…so much that I’m now on the waiting list to become a consultant! Stay tuned!


Logan is #6 on team Panthers