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Is It Just Me?

When watching any sort of movie or TV show (or even just a Victoria’s Secret ad!) where a woman removes some clothing…it’s hard to not notice that the under things always match. Does this truly happen in real life?? Not MINE. I mean, sure – I have bras that match panties…but do they ever end up on my body at the same time? …never on purpose, I can tell you that!

Also – I typically wear a bra more than once before washing it…but (obviously) not panties. Do these ladies buy everything 1 for 1, or do they have 3 or 4 matching panties for every bra they own?

And … what happens if I like the darker or more patterned under things? I can’t wear those under light colored clothing, right? …well, I guess I COULD, but I don’t.

I suppose I DO match…but it’s more that I match my bra to my shirt and my undies to my pants! Lights with light, darks with dark.

Anyone out there who’s always matching?