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Is It Just Me?

I’ve been having a lot of very strange dreams lately. I won’t get into all of them here, but the one that keeps nagging me is the one where I have incredibly loose teeth. All of my bottom teeth except the molars, in fact. And they never actually fall out – they just look and feel like they’re about to.

If you look up what dreams are supposed to mean…be prepared to get a bit uncomfortable! Seriously – there are some dark people out there!!

One site I found said that losing your teeth is one of the most common asked about dream. (Guess that means it’s not just me… 😉 ) I liked the site because it had ALL the various interpretations (not just the “You’re going to lose a loved one” variation*. YIKES!)

My favorite two interpretations from there are:

Another rationalization for these falling teeth dreams may be rooted in your fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in some situation. These dreams are an over-exaggeration of your worries and anxieties. Perhaps you feel that you are unprepared for the task at hand. However, you will find that your worries are unfounded in most cases. Sometimes what plays out in your mind is far worse than what is reality.

Teeth are used to bite, tear, chew and gnaw. In this regard, teeth symbolize power. And the loss of teeth in your dream may be from a sense of powerlessness. Are you lacking power in some current situation? Perhaps you are having difficulties expressing yourself or getting your point across. You feel frustrated when your voice is not being heard. You may be experiencing feelings of inferiority and a lack of self-confidence in some situation or relationship in your life. This dream may be an indication that you need to be more assertive and believe in the importance of what you have to say.

Ya. Both of those fit. I do have anxiety (a topic for another blog post…), and I do feel like I’ve lost control of my kids lately (holy COW! Why won’t they listen any more??) But perhaps since my teeth never actually fall out, I’m just on the brink of losing control?? heh

Another site mentioned that the actual loss of teeth doesn’t mean anything – it’s how you felt while dreaming that means something. Oh goodie. I’m pretty sure I was quite panicked.

Anyone else out there dream about loose teeth? What about some other recurring dream you have? Have you looked up what it means?

*Note about losing loved ones…unless Fish count, I’ve had this dream enough times to know that THAT’S not true…