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Is It Just Me?

While I was up in Vermont (visiting my new niece!!), I noticed that my little sister was starting to wear her hair parted on the side. Which looks GREAT on her, just so you know.

I had also put a few old pictures up on my fridge right before we left for VT…and in one of them my hair looks GREAT … parted on the side.

I thought to myself, “Self – is it time to try the side part again??”

So…now I remember why I stopped doing it. Even though I’m having a fairly good hair day today (if I do say so myself), my neck is starting to hurt! I find that I’m constantly tipping my head to the side so that my damn hair falls away from my face.

And sure, I could tuck it behind my ears, but then the “fairly good hair day” isn’t as good…and that makes for terrible “next day hair” (cuz who the hell has the time to shower every day??). Why terrible? Because my hair tends to form to whatever binds it…ears, pony tail holders, head bands…you name it. So then I get all these strange loopy, kinked strands when I try to put it in a pony tail the “next day.” (or you can still see where the headband was on the top of my head…)

…Is it just me?

3 Responses

  1. You are too funny! I have always parted mine on the side.

  2. Not just you. LOL
    I have a bad hair day just about every day…and I wear mine parted on the side and you know what? I tilt my head all the time. LOL

  3. My hair does exactly the same. The curly bits help though to camouflage it.

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