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It’s NOT Just Me!

While growing up, I distinctly remember having a conversation with my Grandma about why she didn’t wear jeans. It boggled my mind that anyone would romp around in anything but blue jeans. At the time, she simply said, “Chinos are more comfortable.” Tee hee Chinos. That always made me smile. I suppose we’d call them Dockers or Khakis now 😉

At the time, I’m sure I gave her “a look” meant to say you’re crazy, lady! And lovely lady that she was, she just let it pass.

I get it now. Not that I’m lounging around in Chinos (LOL!) or even Dockers…but I don’t wear jeans around the house.

Actually … if I don’t have to take Logan to school, I’m usually in my PJs for most of the day *blush*

And I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that last week at the grocery store, the clerk asked me where I work – she was jealous and wanted to wear jeans to work too. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’d actually “dressed up” to go there…

My conclusion is that Jeans are built for the young. My kids lounge in them all day. Me? As soon as I walk through the door – if no one else is coming over that day, I’m back into my lounging pants.

2 Responses

  1. yup! I am in sweat pants all day too! If I go out to run an errand, the second I walk back in the door the sweats are back on! I spend a lot of the day on the floor with kids, I don’t want to have to worry about uncomfortable jeans!

  2. I like my jeans, but I much prefer my sweats or my stretchy pants! Unfortunately, I even wear them out.

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