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Is It Just Me?

I’m very particular about my toothbrush. Just watching someone on TV ‘borrow’ another’s toothbrush because they spent the night gives me the willies. And I get that whole “But…they were just totally making out…” thing, but it’s DIFFERENT!!

I get the willies if someone else’s toothbrush is touching mine…and I know that it’s sad since the only time that happens is if it’s my own family! I can’t help it. *sigh* You know those Sanitary toothbrush holder things they advertise on TV? You know…you’ve probably made fun of it…you put your toothbrush into it so that it kills all the germs and stuff? Ya. . . I’d *LOVE* that thing!! (As long as no other toothbrushes in it are touching mine…)

And as long as we’re on the subject…when, exactly, do you change your toothbrush out if you’ve been sick? I mean … are you staying sick longer if you keep the same toothbrush through the duration? At what point do you determine “I’m well now, I should start using a new toothbrush.” The upswing? When you have absolutely no symptoms anymore? I have a lingering cough right now, but I don’t think I’m sick anymore…do I switch my toothbrush out?

5 Responses

  1. LOL! I am the SAME and we DO have that sanitary toothbrush holder 🙂 I LOVE it.
    I am also totally freaked out by people who leave the toilet lid open after seeing a 20/20 report YEARS ago about the germs from the toilet and how they endup …on toothbrushes. EWWWWWW!

  2. I’m not as bad as you, but I don’t want anyone using my toothbrush, either. I think it would be best to use a separate toothbrush while you’re sick. I keep some cheap ones, that I use for that purpose.

  3. I am also freaked out by other people’s toothbrushes. Also by their washcloths etc.

  4. Nancy, My friends and I would use each others toothbrushes all the time growing up. I can remember all of us using ONE toothbrush on occasion.
    So gross.
    The idea of it turns my stomach now.
    Maybe being ignorant is blissful indeed.

  5. I’m not quite that bad about toothbrushes, and I must admit there have been a time or two Ben and Nate have “borrowed” each other’s toothbrushes…grossed me out, but I didn’t make too big a deal of it.

    But my deep dark secret is that I can’t bear to use the same bar of soap as anyone else. Even Jordan has to have a separate bar of soap!

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