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I tend to give a lot of advice. I’m sure some is unsolicited…but I’m pretty sure most of it is asked for.ย  And yes, some of that “asked for” advice is by someone on a listserv, so they aren’t asking me directly, but they’re still asking.

In High School, I was the one all my friends came to seeking advice about how to help their relationship with a significant other or something similar.

Friends still come to me for a “reality check” with things. They know that I’ll tell them what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. They don’t always like it, but they keep coming back – so I must be doing something right.

And there’s the thing…I’ve occasionally reread some advice I’ve given and thought, “Dang. That was really good advice!” (*sheepish grin*) …but then I get to thinking, “Wait. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t think they give good advice?” Not everyone can give good advice, right? But does everyone think they do? I mean, sure … I’ve looked back on things and thought “What was I thinking??” But what if I’m one of those people who thinks “Damn, I’m good.” but my advice actually really stinks!?

Friday’s Fotos and Kiddo Conversations

The things kids say can really crack you up. And sometimes, they come up with their own special word that actually fits perfectly.


Apparently Burke has a “sneak-ret” hiding place for things. I need to try to get him to say that on video…it’s so cute!


When we were in Vermont, Maggie had a very deep conversation with Grandpa. I wasn’t there, but I hear that the gist of it is she asked about his mom and where she was (Heaven). Normally when we talk about Heaven with her (that’s where Mike’s mom is as well), she gets very teary and starts worrying about HER mom. While talking with Grandpa, she just wanted the facts: Do you miss her? Do you still talk with her? Stuff like that. At some point the conversation turned to “There are no cell phones in Heaven.” LOL!


I was talking with Logan about playing at the park. I knew he’d run into one of our neighbors and I was asking how that went. He was all excited and told me he was playing with Audrey going around and around. So I asked if he was chasing Audrey or if Audrey was chasing him. He started talking, stopped suddenly, and then said, “I sayin’ it wrong!” (I still don’t know who was doing the chasing LOL!)

Last night, Logan wanted to sleep in the rocking chair (the night before it was the floor…), so I said sure since that’s where Burke and Maggie spent the first few many months of sleeping when we switched to big kid beds for them. Mike and I were watching TV downstairs when we heard “THUMP!” and then nothing. Logan had “switched” to the floor from the rocking chair a few nights ago as well, so I wasn’t too worried. When I went in to check on him, this is what I found.

I can't believe he's still asleep!

How did he not wake up??

Crazy kid. ๐Ÿ™‚

Certain Things That Stick With You (Is It Just Me?)

Have you ever noticed that the things that have happened in your past that are most memorable are usually ones that were the most embarrassing? Of course I remember lots of GOOD things too, but the embarrassing ones seem to pop up out of nowhere. At random times. Just to make me feel like cringing all over again.

Examples, you say? Oh sure – why not.

Crying at my own birthday party. And trying to crawl under a rocking chair. Why? Because I didn’t want to get those spankings. I believe I was in the 3rd grade. New to my school. Good times.

Two in one day! At some point when I was in elementary school (5th grade, maybe?), we had a chimney fire at our house. In my rush to get out, I had put on a zip-up sweatshirt but forgot to put a t-shirt under it. As one of the first ones to ‘develop’ in my class, having no t-shirt on was quite bothersome to me…luckily, I don’t think it was widely known to my classmates. That same day, one of our neighbors was talking with me about the fire while we were walking from the bus stop to the school … so I wasn’t really thinking about things. When we got to the road we needed to cross, I looked both ways and crossed. Which made the appointed 6th grade crossing guard upset that I didn’t wait for HER to tell us when to cross…which she then reported to the vice principal…who then had to come and “chat” with me about obeying the rules. (Cuz, you know, in the 5th grade, I don’t know how to cross the road by myself!! …and it’s not like I did it on purpose anyway…)

Almost learning a new word. In the 6th grade, I believe I told my teacher that he was taking us for granite. Yes. He laughed.

It’s just a name. Also in the 6th grade, I managed to piss off a (different) beloved teacher without really meaning to. I’d been calling her daughter, a good friend, “Little T” and then called her “Big T” … which she didn’t like at all. (Totally understandable looking back at it NOW…didn’t mean anything by it when I did it though.)

Smell? In Jr. High, I was sitting next to a guy who liked me (and I knew it), when he told me that I smelled good – like baby powder. I shrugged and said “oh, that’s my deodorant.” To which he said nothing. Thinking he hadn’t heard me, I said it again…and got a look that said, “duh, I heard you the first time.” Which embarrassed me more than if I’d just kept my mouth shut and let the embarrassment stay on him.

Boing! Also in Jr. High, I was at our local fair (Field Days) just hanging out…when a guy who liked me (and I knew it – different guy than from above) started to stare at me. So, I gave him the ‘stink-eye’ … and walked face-first into the line that held up the tent I was going by. Yes. He laughed.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who relives these things. (Wait, please tell me that I AM the only one reliving my things though!)


I’ve been asking myself a lot lately if kids can BE spoiled without ACTING spoiled.

I’m pretty sure our kids are spoiled. Do they get everything they ask for? No. But they’re definitely not really wanting for anything. And if they ask for little things that I can accommodate, like chocolate milk, I’m a big push-over and will more than likely get some for them. (Just did that yesterday, in fact.)

Burke and Maggie were also the first grandkids on my side…so that might tell you something about the number of toys we have in our house. Oh, and just as we were ready to get rid of a whole bunch of toys, Logan came along…so we pretty much have every single toy they’ve all ever gotten spread out in our living room. (I really need to do something about that!!)

BUT…my kids are GOOD kids. Do they act like 5-year-olds and a 2-year-old? Absolutely. But we take them out for dinner and actually have a pleasant time. They can sit through a church service and not make a scene (Burke actually sits through the entire service every week – he doesn’t like Sunday School at the moment).ย  Their teachers have all commented on how good they are and how much they enjoy having them in their class – out of the blue, even! They say “please” (sometimes without prompting, even ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and “Thank you” and they’re learning more about how to be polite kids every day. (We’re currently working on the no-interrupting-when-I’m-talking-with-another-grown-up thing.)

…So, I guess the answer to my question is “yes, kids CAN be spoiled without acting spoiled.” You just have to beat ’em down when they start ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is It Just Me?

I’ve had this post formulating in my head for a few days now, and nearly fell off my chair last night when I watched The Big Bang Theory and realized that this may be just me … and Sheldon!

Since I have kids (and a husband who snores like a banshee), I’m often woken up in the middle of the night. When that happens, I lie there and try to convince myself that I don’t have to get up and pee….trying to not think about the sips of water I’ve had before bed. But as soon as the word “pee” materializes in my head it’s over. I can try to convince myself that it’s ridiculous – I just used the bathroom an hour ago, or even just 20 minutes ago (yes, sometimes just 20, shoosh)…but it doesn’t matter. If I don’t get up and use the bathroom, I’m just awake for the next half hour playing games in my head about how I don’t have to go…and then I have to get up anyway.

And forget about it if I actually have to get up to see to one of the kids! As soon as my feet hit the floor it’s like a signal to my bladder. Again, even if I’ve just gone 20 minutes before!! If I’ve fallen to sleep between – it’s over.

Anyone else…?

Is It Just Me?

When watching any sort of movie or TV show (or even just a Victoria’s Secret ad!) where a woman removes some clothing…it’s hard to not notice that the under things always match. Does this truly happen in real life?? Not MINE. I mean, sure – I have bras that match panties…but do they ever end up on my body at the same time? …never on purpose, I can tell you that!

Also – I typically wear a bra more than once before washing it…but (obviously) not panties. Do these ladies buy everything 1 for 1, or do they have 3 or 4 matching panties for every bra they own?

And … what happens if I like the darker or more patterned under things? I can’t wear those under light colored clothing, right? …well, I guess I COULD, but I don’t.

I suppose I DO match…but it’s more that I match my bra to my shirt and my undies to my pants! Lights with light, darks with dark.

Anyone out there who’s always matching?

Happy New Year!

I’m not really sure that it’s hit that it’s 2010. (Two thousand ten? Two thousand and ten? Twenty ten? Oh Ten?)

All the rage on twitter yesterday was “where were you 10 years ago…” I think that was the year that I’d just had a messy breakup and a friend from work brought me to a kick-butt party where 3 or 4 bands were playing in an old converted barn. Ah, good times. (I say “think” because anything more than about 7 years ago is just a blur and could have happened in any of 3 or 4 surrounding years. Is this a sign I’m getting old??)

Last year, we made a resolution to stay in touch/get back in touch with friends and stop being “parent hermits”. It went well for a while…and then, well…I just get so tired!! My comfy couch calls to me…the recordings from the DVR are there and ready to go…and ya. well. you know.

I think we’ll try the same thing this year. I’m feeling like I’m not in touch with many of my girl friends at all. I suppose part of that is that most of them live in different states! And I’ve met some really, really great people who actually DO live close to me…but do I invite anyone over and make an effort to be a friend? *sigh* no … I guess I don’t. I should do that ๐Ÿ™‚ (I think part of it is just feeling like I’m “intruding” on lives that have already, for lack of a better word, started. I mean – some of the people I’ve met have lived here for a while and probably already have their own huge circle of friends, right?)

I suppose I should have some more resolutions – but I’m afraid that I’d just break ’em too quickly (*ahem* diet), so I won’t even write them ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy 2010!!