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Carving Pumpkins

Burke’s Boy Scout pack invites all boys and their siblings to an annual pumpkin carving. There were over 100 pumpkins “gutted and cutted” last night!


At the end, all of the jack-o-lanterns are put up on stage and fitted with a glow stick…and the lights are turned off.


Awesome tradition 🙂

Burke, Maggie, and Logan’s creations:


Scenes From (After) a Baseball Game

We went to see the Lowell Spinners over the weekend (as mentioned). The kids made it through the *entire* game for the very first time! And what a prize at the end…all kids are allowed to run around the bases. How cool is that?!

In all 3 pictures below, the kids are the 1st kid on the left.

Burke Rounding 3rd

Maggie Heading Home

Logan Heading Home

And the final picture of all three of them on the 3rd base side of the field.

"We just ran the bases!!!"

Shower Me with …

Instead of getting a bath last night … all three kids got their first showers!

They all LOVED it. Me? Not so much. I was *soaked* at the end. The bathroom was *soaked* at the end…and I didn’t wash their feet very well (LOL!)

Maggie stayed in for over a half hour (shades of Mommy there) because I got a phone call and just let her soak. She still didn’t want to get out…And Logan wanted to get BACK in. Crazy kids 🙂

The Princess Room

Tonight marks the first night that Burke and Maggie will sleep in separate rooms (at least, the first I can remember…)

We finished painting Maggie’s PINK!! room (I have a few more spots to stencil, shhh!!) and I took all girly items out of her old room so Logan would feel more at home.

Up close of the stenciling

Logan and Burke seem to be enjoying the new Cars items in their room…and I think Logan’s going to really enjoy rooming with his big brother!

One Crazy Summer

When did Summer get so busy? And so expensive??

So far – in addition to keeping Nanny C on full-time – we have the following planned:

  • 2 weeks of swim lessons (in addition to the lessons from Aunt Meghan while we’re in Vermont) for all 3 kids
  • Gym class (once a week) for all 3 kids
  • A week of Bible School for all 3 kids
  • A week in Vermont (with a wedding to go to!!!)
  • A week of mixed sports sampler for all 3 kids

And then at the end of Summer (mid-August), Flag Football starts for Burke and Cheering (for Flag Football) starts for Maggie.

And then all of the Fall activities start up again! Yikes.

Okay – looking at the list, it seems…excessive. But a few of those (swimming and Gym) are an hour each time…and the others (Bible School and Sports) are morning sessions. So it’s not like I have them running around all day every day, there’s still lots of back yard and beach time 🙂

Spoke Too Soon

I kept Logan home from school today because he still had a fever yesterday (that whole “fever free for 24 hours” thing).  He’s doing fine…still a little droopy – but the fever eyes are gone! YEAH!

I sent both Maggie and Burke to school. While getting ready (and sitting on the potty) Burke mentioned that his tummy felt funny…but looked fine and acted fine, so I sent him in anyway…thinking “I’m going to get a call from the Nurse today…”

Nanny C’s fever rocketed again, so she didn’t come in today again.

Logan and I hung out for a bit…and then the phone rang. It’s the school nurse. Of course, my immediate thought is, “I’m coming, Burke!” …but no. It was Maggie…chucked her cookies all over. *sigh* Which means she won’t be going to school tomorrow either.

Burke made it through the whole day though 🙂

Sure hope Nanny C. feels better tomorrow!!

Not Much Happened Today…

I had all 3 kids home from school and Nanny C. was also sick, so I got pretty much nothing done. (Thank goodness for flexible time off at work! I was able to do a few things here and there…but not much.)

Logan is normally off on Wednesdays – which is good because he had “fever eyes” all day today. He was able to keep everything down though – so that’s good!

Maggie was MUCH better today. A little droopy though. And since she had a fever yesterday, she technically wasn’t supposed to go to school today anyway.

Burke wasn’t quite himself last night…and woke up this morning complaining of a headache. So instead of sending him in and then having the school call me a few hours later and having to pack Logan and Maggie up to go get him, I opted to keep him home today as well.

Needless to say, having 3 kids-who-are-sick-enough-to-stay-home-from-school BUT not-sick-enough-to-sleep-all-day made for a day of no work for me.

Logan will be staying home again tomorrow – he’s definitely not ready to go back yet; but Burke and Maggie will be heading back.

Not sure if Nanny C. will be back tomorrow … she just found out that she has Strep. Good times! (oy)

(Strange) Week in Review: Dog, Swimming, Snow, and a Lot More

It’s been a long, strange week.

We got back from sunny Florida on Friday to not-so-sunny Massachusetts.

Then started a new session of swim lessons on Saturday. Since it was a new session, Maggie moved over with Burke’s instructor from the last session…and promptly freaked out. She wanted her old one (who was working with another little kid). I had to talk her down and have her promise to try out Instructor J. And I talked with Instructor J. to let him know that she was kind of scared. (Burke seems to have advanced a bit more than Maggie – simply because he has no fear). Instructor J. let Maggie use the noodle for most of the rest of the lesson, so she seemed okay. After the session, she let it slip that she was afraid that Instructor J. would make her do everything that Burke does. (He can swim under water for a little ways…Maggie doesn’t really like putting her face in the water.) She’s promised to stick it out and try again next week.

On Sunday, Higgins joined us! He’s such a sweet, sweet puppy. He spends most of his day up with me while I’m working. He’s a good boy, but will benefit from a wee bit more training 😉

Sunday is also about the time we realized that Logan more than likely had Chickenpox. Yes. Chickenpox. And yes, he was vaccinated. And I think that’s the only reason that most of those pox (covering his whole body) were all but gone Monday morning. Looking back, there were definitely signs on Sunday…

On Monday, Nanny C. started! (I’m a little nervous because she’s never had the Chickenpox…eek! Fingers crossed that Logan wasn’t contagious.) So far, the kids seem to really like her. YEAH!

On Tuesday, I got an email and a phone call stating that school was canceled for Wednesday … and it hadn’t even started snowing yet. Turns out they made a good call because…

On Wednesday, we got 26 inches of snow!! Mike stayed home and pretty much spent the entire day shoveling. (We *so* need to get a snowblower!!) Wednesday evening I got the same messages that school was canceled for Thursday as well. Which was a little strange because it had already stopped snowing…but I guess it was because not all of the roads were plowed and they were worried about the bus routes.

On Thursday, Logan had yet another follow-up appointment with Dr. Endo. He’s 29.4 pounds and exactly 3 feet tall. Apparently, he’s still “drifting” down the charts in height though. At the first appointment, he was in the 13th percentile…then the 8th, and now the 7th.  She talked about getting blood work done, but mentioned that it could wait until the next appointment – which I jumped on, of course. (Plus, I had the kids with me because Nanny C. wasn’t able to get to us.) SO…we go back for more measurements in 4 months. Seriously, all they do is weigh him and measure his height, ‘wing span’, and ‘trunk’. I suppose that’s a hell of a lot better than taking blood from him each time.


We have such awesome neighbors (more than one set!!). These particular neighbors let the kids come over to swim in the summer for drop-in Fridays (see, told you they are awesome). Yesterday, they took the kids for me for a few hours so that I could get some work done. And they have a skating rink set up in their back yard! Mrs. Awesome Neighbor took pictures 🙂

Maggie and Logan


They had a BLAST!