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Spoke Too Soon

I kept Logan home from school today because he still had a fever yesterday (that whole “fever free for 24 hours” thing).  He’s doing fine…still a little droopy – but the fever eyes are gone! YEAH!

I sent both Maggie and Burke to school. While getting ready (and sitting on the potty) Burke mentioned that his tummy felt funny…but looked fine and acted fine, so I sent him in anyway…thinking “I’m going to get a call from the Nurse today…”

Nanny C’s fever rocketed again, so she didn’t come in today again.

Logan and I hung out for a bit…and then the phone rang. It’s the school nurse. Of course, my immediate thought is, “I’m coming, Burke!” …but no. It was Maggie…chucked her cookies all over. *sigh* Which means she won’t be going to school tomorrow either.

Burke made it through the whole day though 🙂

Sure hope Nanny C. feels better tomorrow!!