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One Crazy Summer

When did Summer get so busy? And so expensive??

So far – in addition to keeping Nanny C on full-time – we have the following planned:

  • 2 weeks of swim lessons (in addition to the lessons from Aunt Meghan while we’re in Vermont) for all 3 kids
  • Gym class (once a week) for all 3 kids
  • A week of Bible School for all 3 kids
  • A week in Vermont (with a wedding to go to!!!)
  • A week of mixed sports sampler for all 3 kids

And then at the end of Summer (mid-August), Flag Football starts for Burke and Cheering (for Flag Football) starts for Maggie.

And then all of the Fall activities start up again! Yikes.

Okay – looking at the list, it seems…excessive. But a few of those (swimming and Gym) are an hour each time…and the others (Bible School and Sports) are morning sessions. So it’s not like I have them running around all day every day, there’s still lots of back yard and beach time 🙂