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(Strange) Week in Review: Dog, Swimming, Snow, and a Lot More

It’s been a long, strange week.

We got back from sunny Florida on Friday to not-so-sunny Massachusetts.

Then started a new session of swim lessons on Saturday. Since it was a new session, Maggie moved over with Burke’s instructor from the last session…and promptly freaked out. She wanted her old one (who was working with another little kid). I had to talk her down and have her promise to try out Instructor J. And I talked with Instructor J. to let him know that she was kind of scared. (Burke seems to have advanced a bit more than Maggie – simply because he has no fear). Instructor J. let Maggie use the noodle for most of the rest of the lesson, so she seemed okay. After the session, she let it slip that she was afraid that Instructor J. would make her do everything that Burke does. (He can swim under water for a little ways…Maggie doesn’t really like putting her face in the water.) She’s promised to stick it out and try again next week.

On Sunday, Higgins joined us! He’s such a sweet, sweet puppy. He spends most of his day up with me while I’m working. He’s a good boy, but will benefit from a wee bit more training πŸ˜‰

Sunday is also about the time we realized that Logan more than likely had Chickenpox. Yes. Chickenpox. And yes, he was vaccinated. And I think that’s the only reason that most of those pox (covering his whole body) were all but gone Monday morning. Looking back, there were definitely signs on Sunday…

On Monday, Nanny C. started! (I’m a little nervous because she’s never had the Chickenpox…eek! Fingers crossed that Logan wasn’t contagious.) So far, the kids seem to really like her. YEAH!

On Tuesday, I got an email and a phone call stating that school was canceled for Wednesday … and it hadn’t even started snowing yet. Turns out they made a good call because…

On Wednesday, we got 26 inches of snow!! Mike stayed home and pretty much spent the entire day shoveling. (We *so* need to get a snowblower!!) Wednesday evening I got the same messages that school was canceled for Thursday as well. Which was a little strange because it had already stopped snowing…but I guess it was because not all of the roads were plowed and they were worried about the bus routes.

On Thursday, Logan had yet another follow-up appointment with Dr. Endo. He’s 29.4 pounds and exactly 3 feet tall. Apparently, he’s still “drifting” down the charts in height though. At the first appointment, he was in the 13th percentile…then the 8th, and now the 7th.Β  She talked about getting blood work done, but mentioned that it could wait until the next appointment – which I jumped on, of course. (Plus, I had the kids with me because Nanny C. wasn’t able to get to us.) SO…we go back for more measurements in 4 months. Seriously, all they do is weigh him and measure his height, ‘wing span’, and ‘trunk’. I suppose that’s a hell of a lot better than taking blood from him each time.

Commenting on Comments

Threeundertwo is doing the most wonderful thing – that I’m just going to have to “borrow” – over at Lit and Laundry. At the very bottom of her post, she addresses comments from the previous post. BUT, since I’ve been extremely lax about keeping up with comments, I’m going to answer them here and then starting next time, I’ll just include it at the bottom of the post. Of course…that implies that I’m assuming I’ll be getting comments. (guilt free blogging…guilt free blogging…guilt free blogging. Alright, I’m okay now.)

Wow – this goes way back…I’m such a bad hostess! Anyway, here we go!

When I was doing 5 Things Friday posts, Marie T asked what tatting was. According to Wikipedia:

Tatting is a technique for handcrafting a particularly durable lace constructed by a series of knots and loops. Tatting can be used to make lace edging as well as doilies, collars, and other decorative pieces. The lace is formed by a pattern of rings and chains formed from a series of cow hitch (or half-hitch) knots, called double stitches (ds), over a core thread. Gaps can be left between the stitches to form picots, which are used for practical construction as well as decorative effect.

Tatting dates to the early 19th century. The term for tatting in most European languages is derived from French frivolitΓ©, which refers to the purely decorative nature of the textiles produced by this technique. The technique was developed to imitate point lace.

I want to thank everyone for their support and empathy while reading my first Is it Just Me post (psychotic urges to feel bad for inanimate objects), my second Is it Just Me post (psychotic towel tendencies. And no, Jon – you CANNOT remove the tags! πŸ˜› ), and my Confession about not being able to spell. It’s so great to know that it’s not just me!

The Ode to a Migraine post snagged poetry lover, Laura – glad I could make your day πŸ™‚Β  And it introduced me to a health website where I can get a lot of information about Migraines (among other things). Score!

Between my Bread post and my Fire Alarm Testing post, I’ve got people watching my every move, I’m sure. Sorry if I pushed anyone’s panic buttons – and no…I would never consider doing any of these.

Debi and Terri want to come to the next adventure involving Eleven Kids under 1. Absolutely!! If it wasn’t obvious, we’re pretty much of the “the more the merrier” mindset. (As long as we know they’re all leaving eventually… πŸ˜‰ )

It came out that Cheryl’s mom makes kick-butt chocolate covered pretzels in the 6 UN-Spectacular Things About Me. I’m there.

MyFaceSpaceBook got me another friend (hi Mommy, Esq.!) over on that teeny-bopper site. Another Score!

Heather, your comment on …With a Chance of Showers, made me gag a little…I so agree! I’ll take pee over poo everywhere ANY day of the week. Silver, I hope the training is going a little bit better for you now!! And Tanya, I so hear you about those bribes. Lolly-pops have gone a long way over here at the Zoo.

Apparently, Laura has my sense of humor because the No Pizza Today (and Baby Bunny Road Pizza) posts tickled her fancy. Again, glad to help you out πŸ˜‰ Also, Threeundertwo mentioned that carrots are a cliche and we should feed Baby Bunny some nice greens. Amen to that. . . I had TOTALLY forgotten that when I owned a black lop-eared bunny (Black Jack), he’d get “the runs” every time I fed him baby carrots. Ya. Lovely. And ya. Our yard had a few bombs…I can’t get the kids to put greens down, but Baby bunny seems to really enjoy Cheerios though (as did Black Jack!).

Cymbals or a xylophone for some Instrumental Payback. Why didn’t I think of that?! Thanks Tabbatha Rose πŸ™‚

Giovanna – I nearly peed my pants when you commented that you could tell me about a Secret Blog, but then you’d have to kill me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

My 4 Stinkin’ Days post got a bunch of attention as well. I still crack up a bit about What a Card’s MIL doctoring her son’s a birth certificate. Too funny!! And I really appreciated Helen’s point of view…coming from a teacher AND someone who started “early” (And yes, Logan just turned 1 *blush* )

The Host produced a huge compliment – Thanks Laura…coming from a teacher who probably sees MANY names, thinking Burke’s is one of the coolest is so great to hear!! And Rhonda, I still need to get those darn pictures off my phone!! The only way I know how to do it right now is to email them one-by-one to myself… you can see why I haven’t done it yet. *sigh*

The Fx4 post with Gabe in between the twins in their bouncy chairs had Mommy, Esq. inquiring whether Gabe is as nervous around the kids as her black cat is…OH ya. He can’t even be in the same room with any of the kids…runs like a shot when he hears them coming. Probably doesn’t help that Maggie thinks it’s hilarious to try to scare him.

In My Favorite Teacher, Lisa asked if it was actually the someone’s faith in me that changed me…to which I say YES! Which is why we have high standards for our kids…and we believe they will live up to them too πŸ™‚

What a Card comes through again with her insight for why there’s no hay on hay rides any more (Weekend in VT – part 2). Totally makes sense too! heh It was always all scratchy and itchy with the hay anyway…now it’s just splinters to worry about πŸ˜‰

And a big thanks to Heather and Cheryl for commenting on my looks in the last two way back when-sday posts (that had post-birthing pics of me). I do believe that C-Sections and drugs make for much better post-birthing pictures! LOL

MAN! Are you tired of reading yet?? I’m tired of writing. πŸ˜›Β  (thanks for stickin’ it out THIS long) I promise to not let it go that long again…hopefully Threeundertwo’s ingenious solution will help matters.

Week in Review

I’m borrowing an idea from Debi – answering comments/emails for the week that I couldn’t or didn’t get to. (Thanks Debi πŸ™‚ )

Random Pictures from my Phone

Goddess – I answered this already, but I found the pool on Amazon.com for about $30. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000OUP07O

Tonya – Does the slide work on yours? As you can see, Maggie uses the “Slide” as a seat instead. Works just fine as that, but why bill it as a slide if it doesn’t work? And “hi!” right back at you – glad you found me πŸ™‚

Debi – I know, right?! I love my phone πŸ™‚ (Rumor from Sprint) I never expected the pictures, and the videos actually, to come out so well! Now I just need to get a bigger memory so I can take more LOL

Blog Hoppin’

Debi – I had Burke watch it (I was getting pretty sick of him watching “himself” dance), and he’s amazed by it as well. Pretty neat that a 3.5 year old “gets” it. πŸ™‚

Tonya – If you find it, let me know!!

How to Wear White

WhatACard – I hear you about the pale skin thing – I think I reflect more light than a mirror. *sigh* And true – these rules probably apply across the board πŸ™‚

“Mommy, Your A$$ is Broken!”

Heather – HAHAHAHAHA! I can imagine that “a$$ – a – sauce” would be a bit embarrassing in public. Thanks for the return laugh πŸ™‚ And thanks for adding me to your blogroll πŸ™‚

Scary Disney Movies

Goddess – Oh ya! Ursula! I’d forgotten about her (although, I’m not sure how … she’s nasty!)

Jen – Thanks for the head’s up on the Movie Madness carnival. I love movies, so this is perfect πŸ™‚ (And MAN did it generate a bunch o’ traffic!)

WhatACard – What’s Wonder Pets?

Emily – Ya, we’re still watching them here…I hope there won’t be any long-term impact πŸ™‚

Tash – Oh geez, Ice Age isn’t one Burke will watch. Freaks him out! Ice Age 2 seems to be okay – but he doesn’t like the “bad fish”

SharingMyStory – That *is* strange! I’d think the live action movies would be more scary than an animated one. Maybe that’s me πŸ˜‰

Amanda – This is what I’m saying! I suppose if they were all sappy, sugary we wouldn’t like them as much though LOL

Tabbitha Rose – Exactly! So many have death or hunting down to kill – it’s crazy.

Blake – Are you thinking Lady in the Tramp? I’ve seen 101 Dalmatians so many times that it’s now a blur and I don’t remember a pound scene… *blush*

Sleeping Babies

Debi – thanks for the idea πŸ™‚

Baby Girl, twinmom122606, and Cat – thanks πŸ™‚ We think they’re cute too – but we may be a little biased πŸ˜‰

Desirae – I think it’s an illusion LOL Maggie was pretty bald for a *long* time. And then she had short, fine hair. We didn’t think she’d ever get hair!

Tabbitha Rose – I’m pretty sure that the kids were in a crib…that whole first year is pretty fuzzy though! They were lucky in that they were only in the NICU for 2.5 weeks instead of the 2.5 months the doctors initially projected.

Thanks to everyone who commented πŸ™‚