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Week in Review

I’m borrowing an idea from Debi – answering comments/emails for the week that I couldn’t or didn’t get to. (Thanks Debi 🙂 )

Random Pictures from my Phone

Goddess – I answered this already, but I found the pool on Amazon.com for about $30. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000OUP07O

Tonya – Does the slide work on yours? As you can see, Maggie uses the “Slide” as a seat instead. Works just fine as that, but why bill it as a slide if it doesn’t work? And “hi!” right back at you – glad you found me 🙂

Debi – I know, right?! I love my phone 🙂 (Rumor from Sprint) I never expected the pictures, and the videos actually, to come out so well! Now I just need to get a bigger memory so I can take more LOL

Blog Hoppin’

Debi – I had Burke watch it (I was getting pretty sick of him watching “himself” dance), and he’s amazed by it as well. Pretty neat that a 3.5 year old “gets” it. 🙂

Tonya – If you find it, let me know!!

How to Wear White

WhatACard – I hear you about the pale skin thing – I think I reflect more light than a mirror. *sigh* And true – these rules probably apply across the board 🙂

“Mommy, Your A$$ is Broken!”

Heather – HAHAHAHAHA! I can imagine that “a$$ – a – sauce” would be a bit embarrassing in public. Thanks for the return laugh 🙂 And thanks for adding me to your blogroll 🙂

Scary Disney Movies

Goddess – Oh ya! Ursula! I’d forgotten about her (although, I’m not sure how … she’s nasty!)

Jen – Thanks for the head’s up on the Movie Madness carnival. I love movies, so this is perfect 🙂 (And MAN did it generate a bunch o’ traffic!)

WhatACard – What’s Wonder Pets?

Emily – Ya, we’re still watching them here…I hope there won’t be any long-term impact 🙂

Tash – Oh geez, Ice Age isn’t one Burke will watch. Freaks him out! Ice Age 2 seems to be okay – but he doesn’t like the “bad fish”

SharingMyStory – That *is* strange! I’d think the live action movies would be more scary than an animated one. Maybe that’s me 😉

Amanda – This is what I’m saying! I suppose if they were all sappy, sugary we wouldn’t like them as much though LOL

Tabbitha Rose – Exactly! So many have death or hunting down to kill – it’s crazy.

Blake – Are you thinking Lady in the Tramp? I’ve seen 101 Dalmatians so many times that it’s now a blur and I don’t remember a pound scene… *blush*

Sleeping Babies

Debi – thanks for the idea 🙂

Baby Girl, twinmom122606, and Cat – thanks 🙂 We think they’re cute too – but we may be a little biased 😉

Desirae – I think it’s an illusion LOL Maggie was pretty bald for a *long* time. And then she had short, fine hair. We didn’t think she’d ever get hair!

Tabbitha Rose – I’m pretty sure that the kids were in a crib…that whole first year is pretty fuzzy though! They were lucky in that they were only in the NICU for 2.5 weeks instead of the 2.5 months the doctors initially projected.

Thanks to everyone who commented 🙂

One Response

  1. Oh my gosh, you have to watch the Wonder Pets. If you have a DVR, tape it! It’s a singing guinea pig, turtle, and duckling who save other animals in trouble. It’s so awesome!

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