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Breathing a Little Easier

I realized that I haven’t posted anything about the nanny situation lately…

I’m (incredibly) happy to report that WE HAVE A NANNY!! She’s been with us for 3 weeks now (this is the start of week 4), and she’s been really great so far. I mean – she shows up and everything! 😉

The kids seem to really like her, and she’s been really good about going with the flow of the Zoo craziness. She’s pretty even-tempered – which seems to have a nice calming impact on the kids (and me). And Higgins adores her. 🙂

It was a LOOOOONG 5 weeks while we did our search. And I’m afraid I wasn’t a very good stay-at-home-mom OR work-from-home-employee during that time. I’m just happy it’s behind me and I can start concentrating again 🙂

(Strange) Week in Review: Dog, Swimming, Snow, and a Lot More

It’s been a long, strange week.

We got back from sunny Florida on Friday to not-so-sunny Massachusetts.

Then started a new session of swim lessons on Saturday. Since it was a new session, Maggie moved over with Burke’s instructor from the last session…and promptly freaked out. She wanted her old one (who was working with another little kid). I had to talk her down and have her promise to try out Instructor J. And I talked with Instructor J. to let him know that she was kind of scared. (Burke seems to have advanced a bit more than Maggie – simply because he has no fear). Instructor J. let Maggie use the noodle for most of the rest of the lesson, so she seemed okay. After the session, she let it slip that she was afraid that Instructor J. would make her do everything that Burke does. (He can swim under water for a little ways…Maggie doesn’t really like putting her face in the water.) She’s promised to stick it out and try again next week.

On Sunday, Higgins joined us! He’s such a sweet, sweet puppy. He spends most of his day up with me while I’m working. He’s a good boy, but will benefit from a wee bit more training 😉

Sunday is also about the time we realized that Logan more than likely had Chickenpox. Yes. Chickenpox. And yes, he was vaccinated. And I think that’s the only reason that most of those pox (covering his whole body) were all but gone Monday morning. Looking back, there were definitely signs on Sunday…

On Monday, Nanny C. started! (I’m a little nervous because she’s never had the Chickenpox…eek! Fingers crossed that Logan wasn’t contagious.) So far, the kids seem to really like her. YEAH!

On Tuesday, I got an email and a phone call stating that school was canceled for Wednesday … and it hadn’t even started snowing yet. Turns out they made a good call because…

On Wednesday, we got 26 inches of snow!! Mike stayed home and pretty much spent the entire day shoveling. (We *so* need to get a snowblower!!) Wednesday evening I got the same messages that school was canceled for Thursday as well. Which was a little strange because it had already stopped snowing…but I guess it was because not all of the roads were plowed and they were worried about the bus routes.

On Thursday, Logan had yet another follow-up appointment with Dr. Endo. He’s 29.4 pounds and exactly 3 feet tall. Apparently, he’s still “drifting” down the charts in height though. At the first appointment, he was in the 13th percentile…then the 8th, and now the 7th.  She talked about getting blood work done, but mentioned that it could wait until the next appointment – which I jumped on, of course. (Plus, I had the kids with me because Nanny C. wasn’t able to get to us.) SO…we go back for more measurements in 4 months. Seriously, all they do is weigh him and measure his height, ‘wing span’, and ‘trunk’. I suppose that’s a hell of a lot better than taking blood from him each time.

New New New!!

Two new things today!

First – The new nanny is here!!!

You have NO idea how incredibly psyched I am right now.

She showed up early! All three kids seem to be taken with her already. (MAN, that was quick.) Her first language is Portuguise (and some Spanish) but her English seems to be okay…meaning I think she’s understanding what I’m saying. (She’s pretty quiet, so I’m guessing that she’s not very confident in her own English, but her comprehension seems to be just fine.) Time will tell about that one.

I know that she’s also tickled that if she speaks to the kids in Spanish, they’ll understand everything she says. I know that makes her feel better about things. It’s funny though, she’ll speak to them in Spanish, but they’ll answer her in English. LOL

Second – I have a new “home office” !!!

We hit Ikea over the weekend and picked up a desk and chair for me that fits as a bed-side table as well. (not a *lot* of room there, but I’m loving this already.)


And holy cow – Ikea?? crazy, crazy place. There are security people on site to help you park. And then, the building is as large as a mall (at least, the ones in Vermont 😉 ) – 3 stories! I’m still not sure what was on that first floor. You go up to the 3rd floor to shop around. You can pick up the small things there (we got a shoe rack, and kid plates and utensils), and then look around at the larger stuff put together. You take down the aisle and bin number and then head to the second floor to grab the boxes (we got the desk, a chair, and a kid table with 2 chairs).  All this for CHEAP (under $160). And they have a cafeteria as well. All 5 of us ate for under $20 – and the food was good.

I’m fairly certain that we’ll be heading back at some point for a dining set.