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New New New!!

Two new things today!

First – The new nanny is here!!!

You have NO idea how incredibly psyched I am right now.

She showed up early! All three kids seem to be taken with her already. (MAN, that was quick.) Her first language is Portuguise (and some Spanish) but her English seems to be okay…meaning I think she’s understanding what I’m saying. (She’s pretty quiet, so I’m guessing that she’s not very confident in her own English, but her comprehension seems to be just fine.) Time will tell about that one.

I know that she’s also tickled that if she speaks to the kids in Spanish, they’ll understand everything she says. I know that makes her feel better about things. It’s funny though, she’ll speak to them in Spanish, but they’ll answer her in English. LOL

Second – I have a new “home office” !!!

We hit Ikea over the weekend and picked up a desk and chair for me that fits as a bed-side table as well. (not a *lot* of room there, but I’m loving this already.)


And holy cow – Ikea?? crazy, crazy place. There are security people on site to help you park. And then, the building is as large as a mall (at least, the ones in Vermont ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) – 3 stories! I’m still not sure what was on that first floor. You go up to the 3rd floor to shop around. You can pick up the small things there (we got a shoe rack, and kid plates and utensils), and then look around at the larger stuff put together. You take down the aisle and bin number and then head to the second floor to grab the boxes (we got the desk, a chair, and a kid table with 2 chairs).ย  All this for CHEAP (under $160). And they have a cafeteria as well. All 5 of us ate for under $20 – and the food was good.

I’m fairly certain that we’ll be heading back at some point for a dining set.

7 Responses

  1. Oh yes, as per usual I am so jealous – no Ikea here!

  2. Oh make sure that if you didn’t already, you take advantage of the FREE playground that it staffed and you can leave your kids at to play while you shop in PEACE!!!!

  3. Ok, to those not familiar with IKEA, that may sound terrible. To explain further, the playground (with an area for quiet tv watching) is CLOSED to parents. Kids must be signed in and signed out with parent’s drivers license and only a # of kids that doesn’t exceed the acceptable staff/child ratio are allowed in at one time. You can sign your potty trained kids in for up to 1 hour.

  4. I was wondering what they had at IKEA. I didn’t think it would be as affordable as you made it sound. How cool! Congratulations on your new nanny!

  5. LOVE Ikea! So glad you found lots of goodies there!
    And, a big YIPPEE on the nanny! I hope it goes really well for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hooray for the nanny! Hopefully, things will settle down into the normal level of chaos now.

  7. I don’t have an Ikea anywhere near me. I am so envious.

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