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The Princess Room

Tonight marks the first night that Burke and Maggie will sleep in separate rooms (at least, the first I can remember…)

We finished painting Maggie’s PINK!! room (I have a few more spots to stencil, shhh!!) and I took all girly items out of her old room so Logan would feel more at home.

Up close of the stenciling

Logan and Burke seem to be enjoying the new Cars items in their room…and I think Logan’s going to really enjoy rooming with his big brother!

Let Me Put My Surprised Face On

We’ve been talking up switching Maggie and Logan out so that Burke and Logan will be sharing a room and Maggie will have her own room. The first few times we brought it up, there were tears and no one wanted a change. Okay, no biggie – it just wasn’t time.

Recently, along with a trip to Jordan’s Furniture – just to look, we brought up the whole “Maggie into Logan’s room” thing again. THIS time, everyone’s on board (although, Burke is most definitely going to miss Maggie).

To make the switch more appealing, we’ve talked about a new bed and painting the (currently blue) room.ย  Wanna guessย  what color Maggie has in mind for her walls? Can you believe there’s actually a color called Princess Pink?! Ya. That’d be her choice. Luckily, it’s not Pepto-bismol pink, and even better – it’s just paint ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas…

We started decorating!!

Burke, Maggie, and Logan - decorating


Our house is…cluttered. Toys. Books. Clothes. Paper. There’s just STUFF everywhere.

I know that this is all me. (Well, the kids have clutter too…but it all stems from me.) I see something and I think “I should keep that – I can use it to …<insert crafty/useful thing here>.” Which may or may not be true – I could use it for that – but more often than not, I’ll NOT end up doing that useful thing with it and it’ll still be sitting in the same spot months later. I know this. And yet…

We have school papers coming out of our ears. And the oldest kids are only in Kindergarten!! I was taking pictures of the “work” they brought home last year, but I’ve fallen behind. And this year they’re doing more work than the picture-type work last year…but I just can’t bring myself to throw it out – yet. (I WILL!!)

And clothes.*sigh* I hear all about the changing of closets when the seasons change…which sort of works…but we’re all big T-shirt wearers in this house. Year ’round. So there’s not a lot of change-over in those drawers.

BUT…I’ve started going through my clothes anyway. I’ve made a pile of the ones I haven’t had on in more than 3 years. Along with all of the ones below a certain size – ya…never gonna see THOSE numbers again…) And I pulled out all of my shorts and stored them under the bed. I can see my bedroom floor again! (Just don’t look at my bed right now…)

And it’s funny…I started the decluttering and then ran across this post written by a Fishful Thinking peer. I’m taking it as a sign that I’m headed in the right direction.

I’m a LONG way from done, but it’s a start. And I’m okay with baby steps.

Way Back When-esday

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go on over to see who else is playing โ€“ and join in too!

I took these pictures of the house when we looked at it on April 30th of 2007. I instantly knew that it was the one we’d purchase (blocking out all the STUFF!). What a difference a few years (and new owners) makes!

Logan's Room

Burke and Maggie's Room

Living Room

Dining Room and Living Room


Makes My Monday: Gone!

Yesterday, the Langone Bros. came over to remove a whole bunch of crap the previous owners had left behind. (This is actually the second time they’ve come out.)

They removed the rusty old fence that was starting to look like barbed wire – right at kid eye-level!! – and the falling-down old shed.

Look at how much space it clears up!

Here’s a picture of the shed waaay in the background…

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Head on over to see what else makes peopleโ€™s Mondays (there are always some really good ones!)

I’m Sleepy’s …

Remember the post about my stupid bed? Mike and I went back to the store yesterday to see what we could do.

I showed the sales guy the pictures I took (see previous Bed post), and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. His first reaction was that we should call the 1-800 number to ask about the warranty and have an inspector come to the house to check out the mattress…which is fine – except that yesterday was day *20* of that 21 day time-period where they’d exchange the mattress…what happens if the inspector comes out and says “ya, that’s just normal wear and tear” …? Would we be SOL?

Well, we must have had someone smiling down on us because the district sales manager just happened to be in the store. He was super nice! He made a few phone calls and BAM! We’re getting a replacement mattress tomorrow. *NO* fees! Woot!!

Oh, and if the NEW new mattress starts to sag, we’re to immediately call the 1-800 number and they’ll know to replace the box springs. For free.

Thank you, Sleepy’s!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Maggie Style

I “girlied” up the bottom bunk of Burke and Maggie’s bed yesterday.

New curtains

I found shiny curtains and tassel tie backs at the local discount store. I also purchased a new curtain rod to put up underย  the bed. The “valance” is actually the tie backs that came with the curtains.

The View While Sleeping

(Okay, okay…I know that if she’s actually sleeping the view would be, well, black…but this is the view if she’s in bed AWAKE. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I stapled the flat sheet of a princess sheet set to the support planks under Burke’s bed. The fitted sheet and Cinderella pillow case will be used on Maggie’s bed – she usually tosses off the flat sheet anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

The verdict? It’s “Maggie Style!!”ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

(25 seconds)

Maggie was so happy she was singing … and she wanted to have a sleep over with Burke and Logan in her bed. Cute ๐Ÿ™‚

(Burke is now working on thoughts for his own “Burke Style” – which, surprise surprise, includes a Cars theme…but also includes pictures of the family ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Saturday Snapshot: To Keurig

Our awesome coffee maker broke last week, so I posed the question, “To Keurig, or not to Keurig?” on Facebook and Twitter. The overwhelming response was “TO!”

We did a little research and some calculations and found a GREAT deal at Costco.

WOW. The answer is definitely “To Keurig.”

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go over and have a look at what others are doing on this lovely Saturday.

Something’s Missing

Can it be possible? Are we really a gate-free house??


Note the superyard and the gate on the stairs in the background


Stair Gate: Removed!

Superyard Around TV: Removed!

Those were the last two gates up in the house. We removed the stair gate so that the delivery guys could get the king sized mattress up the stairs. We removed the superyard so the cable guy could get to the TV. The stair gate has been down for 2 days and seems to be going okay. The TV has been “free” for about an hour now. We’ll see how it goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

And…there will be a point in time when one more gate goes up. We used a gate across Burke and Maggie’s door when they first moved to toddler beds. Since it worked well, I’m pretty sure that we’ll put one on Logan’s door when the time comes.

Next up: Diaper free house! (whoooo boy.)