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Let Me Put My Surprised Face On

We’ve been talking up switching Maggie and Logan out so that Burke and Logan will be sharing a room and Maggie will have her own room. The first few times we brought it up, there were tears and no one wanted a change. Okay, no biggie – it just wasn’t time.

Recently, along with a trip to Jordan’s Furniture – just to look, we brought up the whole “Maggie into Logan’s room” thing again. THIS time, everyone’s on board (although, Burke is most definitely going to miss Maggie).

To make the switch more appealing, we’ve talked about a new bed and painting the (currently blue) room.  Wanna guess  what color Maggie has in mind for her walls? Can you believe there’s actually a color called Princess Pink?! Ya. That’d be her choice. Luckily, it’s not Pepto-bismol pink, and even better – it’s just paint 😉

Growing Up

Needless to say, the kids are growing up. We knew it would happen, but sheesh – does it have to happen so fast?? Since the twins start pre-school in a few short weeks, this post is dedicated to the various things the kids are now doing.


A few nights ago when I was moving her into her bed, she woke up just enough to make kissing noises so I’d kiss her goodnight. It was super sweet. 🙂

This morning we heard, “I can do it myself!” (I’m sure not for the last time.) And by gosh, she got dressed mostly by herself…with a few outfit changes. (She’s SUCH a girl!!)


He’s not always doing it, but he’s started to poo in the potty. YEAH!!

The same night that Maggie woke up briefly, Burke did as well. Only he requested “1, 2 McQeens” (two stuffed Lightning McQueen cars we have). He also requested to sleep on Maggie’s changing table. This kid is going to love bunk beds.


Whoo boy. I left the gate at the bottom of the stairs open by accident yesterday. And realized that Logan was being VERY quiet while I was catching the nanny up on the things going on that day. I heard a little stomp on the stairs and figured he’d be on the lower landing. Nope. He was ALL THE WAY AT THE TOP!!! Uhg.

The little monkey also climbs all the way to the top of the slide. The big slide. No fear in this kid yet…it’s a little scary!

He also waved goodbye to me the other day.