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It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas…

We started decorating!!

Burke, Maggie, and Logan - decorating

Baby Picture Sundays

This week’s theme is: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. Fun!!

We did a whole bunch of Christmas things yesterday. First, we decorated the tree.

This goes right here...


Where do these go?

I'll show you!

Then, Maggie and I got ready to go to a local-ish production of the Nutcracker. (Maggie’s first time!!) It wasn’t professional, but it wasn’t some mom-an-pop production either. (Only 4 ballerinas fell… 😉 )

Off to the Nutcracker

We were in the 3rd row!!

Soooo sick - but loving the show

I asked Maggie at intermission if she wanted to go home or watch more. She DEFINITELY wanted more. (She wanted more when the show was over LOL!) She’s got a major cold though, so she was quite the trooper…especially as the show started at 6pm…close to bed time!

And … it turned out that one of my former Girl Scouts was in the production! She was pretty good too 🙂

One of My Former Girl Scouts

And what were the boys doing while we were off gallivanting? Putting the train together!


Debi hosts the Baby Picture Sundays. Hop on over there to see who’s playing, and join in too!

Deck the Halls

We decorated the tree today! Mike got it out of the attic (yes, it’s fake) and strung it with lights on Monday – with the kids’ help, of course.

I'm helping

I'm helping!

This is so cool

You're going to let me touch?!

Today, we got out the rest. Burke was especially good at finding spots to hang the decorations. Maggie would either stuff one in (without actually hanging it), or bring it to me to hang. Logan was just fascinated. Enough so that he stood – by himself – for over 5 minutes just looking at the tree. (well, touching too…but not using it to hold himself up.)


I wanna help too!

I think...right...here

I think...right...here

This game is cool

"This game is cool" *

* Actual comment heard
what IS this thing?

What IS this thing?

Burke’s comment when we were done: “Let’s do it again!”