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Our house is…cluttered. Toys. Books. Clothes. Paper. There’s just STUFF everywhere.

I know that this is all me. (Well, the kids have clutter too…but it all stems from me.) I see something and I think “I should keep that – I can use it to …<insert crafty/useful thing here>.” Which may or may not be true – I could use it for that – but more often than not, I’ll NOT end up doing that useful thing with it and it’ll still be sitting in the same spot months later. I know this. And yet…

We have school papers coming out of our ears. And the oldest kids are only in Kindergarten!! I was taking pictures of the “work” they brought home last year, but I’ve fallen behind. And this year they’re doing more work than the picture-type work last year…but I just can’t bring myself to throw it out – yet. (I WILL!!)

And clothes.*sigh* I hear all about the changing of closets when the seasons change…which sort of works…but we’re all big T-shirt wearers in this house. Year ’round. So there’s not a lot of change-over in those drawers.

BUT…I’ve started going through my clothes anyway. I’ve made a pile of the ones I haven’t had on in more than 3 years. Along with all of the ones below a certain size – ya…never gonna see THOSE numbers again…) And I pulled out all of my shorts and stored them under the bed. I can see my bedroom floor again! (Just don’t look at my bed right now…)

And it’s funny…I started the decluttering and then ran across this post written by a Fishful Thinking peer. I’m taking it as a sign that I’m headed in the right direction.

I’m a LONG way from done, but it’s a start. And I’m okay with baby steps.

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