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Happy New Year!

I’m not really sure that it’s hit that it’s 2010. (Two thousand ten? Two thousand and ten? Twenty ten? Oh Ten?)

All the rage on twitter yesterday was “where were you 10 years ago…” I think that was the year that I’d just had a messy breakup and a friend from work brought me to a kick-butt party where 3 or 4 bands were playing in an old converted barn. Ah, good times. (I say “think” because anything more than about 7 years ago is just a blur and could have happened in any of 3 or 4 surrounding years. Is this a sign I’m getting old??)

Last year, we made a resolution to stay in touch/get back in touch with friends and stop being “parent hermits”. It went well for a while…and then, well…I just get so tired!! My comfy couch calls to me…the recordings from the DVR are there and ready to go…and ya. well. you know.

I think we’ll try the same thing this year. I’m feeling like I’m not in touch with many of my girl friends at all. I suppose part of that is that most of them live in different states! And I’ve met some really, really great people who actually DO live close to me…but do I invite anyone over and make an effort to be a friend? *sigh* no … I guess I don’t. I should do that 🙂 (I think part of it is just feeling like I’m “intruding” on lives that have already, for lack of a better word, started. I mean – some of the people I’ve met have lived here for a while and probably already have their own huge circle of friends, right?)

I suppose I should have some more resolutions – but I’m afraid that I’d just break ’em too quickly (*ahem* diet), so I won’t even write them 😉

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy 2010!!