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Game Ball

On Thursday, Burke had his 3rd little league game. MAN the kid is good!!

He was up to bat 4 times…and made it onto base (with a legitimate hit) all 4 times…and made it home all 4 times!!

On top of that, he made a fantastic catch at Short Stop. Fly ball that was *almost* over his head – he caught it and fell back on his butt. All the parents around me were like, “Woah! Who was that? Derrick?” And before I could even think about it, I blurted out, “That’s Burke!! That’s MY kid!” Ya. I swore I’d never say those words LOL! The very next play came to Burke at Short Stop again. This time a ground ball – which he fielded perfectly…and then tossed it over to the 3rd baseman – who caught it – for the out!

At the end of the game, Coach B called all of the boys to the bench to chat about when the next practice was and then ceremoniously handed Burke the Game Ball. Oh man, you should have seen Burke’s FACE!! It was awesome. Coach B spoke about what an incredible game Burke had – and all the other boys agreed and cheered.

Oh, and that was the first Game Ball to be given out…and the only one to be given out so far. (And yes, there has been a game since then.)

I’m so proud 🙂

Burke’s Game Ball

Makes My Monday: Father’s Day Fishing Trip

Our church sponsors a Father/Son fishing trip every Father’s Day. Burke and Mike went last year, but they didn’t get any pictures. This year, one of the guys actually brought a camera…and good thing, because Burke caught a fish!!

Higgins 1; Burke 0

(oh, and Higgins 1; Fence 0 – the neighbors found Higgins in their yard this afternoon. I’m hoping that it’s because he found a weak spot…but I suspect he just bounded over. ACK!)

And THIS Makes My Tuesday

Burke came home today very proud of himself. And with good reason!

Right now, their school is running a program where the kids get a paw print (the mascot is a wildcat) when they are caught doing something nice. (I think there might be a bit more to it than that, but you get the idea.)

Burke earned his first paw print today for being the most polite kid in Kindergarten!

When I asked who gave it to him, this was what he told me:

Mrs. Milk Lady told Mrs. Assistant Teacher who told Ms. Teacher that I am the most polite kid in Kindergarten!

Yeah Burke!! 🙂

Star Of The Week

Next week is Burke’s turn to be Star of the Week in his class. What a neat concept! For an entire week – it’s all about Burke. 🙂

They get homework this week to get ready for it:
Monday- Bring in the “All About Me” poster (partially pictured below)
Tuesday – Bring in 5 pictures of family and friends
Wednesday – Bring in your favorite stuffed animal
Thursday – Bring in your favorite book
Friday – Fill the estimation bag with items to estimate

The top part of the poster (not pictured) has his full name and:
I am 6 years old
My favorite color is Rainbow
My favorite animal is cat and dog
My favorite food is pasta bake

There’s a spot for a pictre of him and a spot for a picture of his family.

Then comes the fun stuff! It’s a fill-in-the-blank part (pictured).


Here are the words, I’ve underlined the blanks that Burke filled in.

Disney World is my favorite place
When I grow up, I want to be a swimmer
My favorite thing to do is color
If I had one wish, I would wish for everyone to be safe

LOVE this kid 🙂

Makes My Monday: Problem Solving

Last week Burke’s Art class started up again. He was really reluctant to go…and I had a hell of a time trying to figure out why – he LOVES this class.

After a lot of discussion, I *finally* got it out of him that he didn’t like being called “pizza man” by the class assistant (a super nice pre-teen with Downs Syndrome we’ll call Captain.) This was news to me because I’d seen interactions between Burke and Captain on numerous occasions and Burke has always seemed to really enjoy them. So…upon questioning a little more, I found out that one of the times Captain called Burke Pizza Man, it made all the other kids run after Burke. Ah…it all makes sense now.

So Burke and I chatted about things. And about how silly it would be if he didn’t go to the class and then found out that Captain wasn’t even there! And we chatted about what Burke might be able to do to let Captain know not to call him Pizza Man anymore. (Because, like me – I’m sure Captain thought Burke LIKED it – it usually brought about fits of giggles.)

I was finally able to get Burke to go by telling him that I’d chat with Ms. Art about it (and the promise of Burger King on the way home if he was good).

Fast forward to after class…I asked Burke how it went and he told me that Captain called him Pizza Man twice, but Burke chose to ignore it – and nothing happened. GO BURKE!! He was really proud of himself. (I was proud of him too!)

And this week? Burke looked forward to the class and had a great time. He even walked in and sat down right next to Captain. I think they’re best buddies again. And THAT Makes My Monday.

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Thanksgiving Play

Burke’s Kindergarten class put on a Thanksgiving Play today. (He’s been practicing for a few weeks now 🙂 )

It was super cute!!

They did a few songs and then each kid had a line to say in the ABCs of Thanksgiving. (Did I mention that it was super cute yet?)

Burke’s line is at 1:54 (And the dance they did right before that cracks me up!)

(About 3 minutes long)

And the picture to go along with it



Makes My Monday: Burke’s Perspective

Today was Burke’s second art class of the semester.

He was able to finish up a self portrait from the first class:

And then they worked on light boards today. Ms. Art had a horse figurine for the kids to draw using ordinary shapes. They first drew the shapes, and then using the light box, colored the shapes in on a different piece of paper.

She was tickled pink that Burke was the only one to turn the horse up-side-down and draw it that way.

Burke’s unique perspective totally Makes My Monday.

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Way Back When-esday

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go on over to see who else is playing – and join in too!

In honor of yesterday’s post, I dug up a picture from Burke was “reading” – you can see a super cute  video of it too. It’s from July of 2009.

Burke "Reading" - July of 2009

Guess Who’s Reading!

Burke brought his homework binder home for the long weekend (the first we’ve seen of it). One of the sheets had about 10 Rebus sentences on it (pictures in place of a word). I wish I had thought to take a picture of the paper, but it’s already back at school (perhaps I will when it comes home again).

To my surprise, Burke read every single sentence! Pointing to each word as he went along. The pictures, of course, helped. And there were colors in each sentence that had been underlined in the right color – I’m assuming during class.

The sentences were all something like:

  • My Shoe is Yellow.
    Where Shoe is the picture and yellow is underlined with yellow crayon.
  • Is the bird red?
    Where bird is the picture and red is underlined with red crayon.

The thought behind the Rebus work is that it helps kids learn the words around the pictures faster, with less frustration, so they’re excited to read and will continue to work on it.

I’m *so* impressed!!