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Way Back When-esday

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go on over to see who else is playing – and join in too!

This picture was taken on Thanksgiving of 2003 (before kids!!). My sister would put the stuffed turkey on someone and then take a picture…we have a bunch taken with the turkey on sleeping people 😉

Thanksgiving Play

Burke’s Kindergarten class put on a Thanksgiving Play today. (He’s been practicing for a few weeks now 🙂 )

It was super cute!!

They did a few songs and then each kid had a line to say in the ABCs of Thanksgiving. (Did I mention that it was super cute yet?)

Burke’s line is at 1:54 (And the dance they did right before that cracks me up!)

(About 3 minutes long)

And the picture to go along with it




I’m thankful:

  • For all the typical “family, friends, etc.” (of course!!)
  • That we have 3 kids and not 4
  • That my family is healthy and happy
  • That my Dad lives close enough for visits
  • That even though Mike’s family isn’t close in distance, they’re still close
  • For my blog and the pure joy I get from it
  • For other blogs I read and enjoy
  • For books: grown-up and children’s
  • For vacations that are actually restful
  • That Mike is so patient with me
  • That Maggie enjoys singing and has started to talk in school
  • That Logan is so easy-going
  • That Burke really enjoys coloring