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Baby Picture Sundays

This week’s theme is “Thankful.” Burke “playing” with his new cousin, Petra, makes me thankful that there are cousins to play with; that we live close enogh to visit a whole bunch; and that Burke has become such a loving, gentle kid. 🙂

Debi hosts the Baby Picture Sundays. Hop on over there to see who’s playing, and join in too!


One of the activities the twins’ preschool did over the past week or so was to make American Indian style necklaces. I use this term loosely because they were actually made out of string, paper feathers, and pasta. I caught where they were going with it though.

On the paper feather were the xeroxed words, “I am thankful for…” and then the teacher obviously filled in the blanks for the kids.

I saw Maggie’s first: “My mommy and daddy”  awwww!

Burke’s? “Myself.”

Okay then.


I’m thankful:

  • For all the typical “family, friends, etc.” (of course!!)
  • That we have 3 kids and not 4
  • That my family is healthy and happy
  • That my Dad lives close enough for visits
  • That even though Mike’s family isn’t close in distance, they’re still close
  • For my blog and the pure joy I get from it
  • For other blogs I read and enjoy
  • For books: grown-up and children’s
  • For vacations that are actually restful
  • That Mike is so patient with me
  • That Maggie enjoys singing and has started to talk in school
  • That Logan is so easy-going
  • That Burke really enjoys coloring