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Logan is Playing Soccer

Have I mentioned lately that our town is awesome? We have such a wonderful Rec department. Burke and Maggie played Soccer through them in 2010…and now it’s Logan’s turn.

Since he has older siblings, he sees how they’re dressed for outdoor soccer. So we had to make a special trip to target to find shin guards. LOL! They had these cool soccer socks with the shin guards built right in! Perfect.

He LOVED every minute of it!

Game Ball

On Thursday, Burke had his 3rd little league game. MAN the kid is good!!

He was up to bat 4 times…and made it onto base (with a legitimate hit) all 4 times…and made it home all 4 times!!

On top of that, he made a fantastic catch at Short Stop. Fly ball that was *almost* over his head – he caught it and fell back on his butt. All the parents around me were like, “Woah! Who was that? Derrick?” And before I could even think about it, I blurted out, “That’s Burke!! That’s MY kid!” Ya. I swore I’d never say those words LOL! The very next play came to Burke at Short Stop again. This time a ground ball – which he fielded perfectly…and then tossed it over to the 3rd baseman – who caught it – for the out!

At the end of the game, Coach B called all of the boys to the bench to chat about when the next practice was and then ceremoniously handed Burke the Game Ball. Oh man, you should have seen Burke’s FACE!! It was awesome. Coach B spoke about what an incredible game Burke had – and all the other boys agreed and cheered.

Oh, and that was the first Game Ball to be given out…and the only one to be given out so far. (And yes, there has been a game since then.)

I’m so proud 🙂

Burke’s Game Ball

Fall Soccer

Burke and Maggie have started soccer again. I can’t believe how far they’ve both come. There’s still a HUGE difference between the boys games and the girls games…but they’re both fun to watch. 🙂

Burke's Team (#14)

Maggie (#4)