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Guess Who’s Reading!

Burke brought his homework binder home for the long weekend (the first we’ve seen of it). One of the sheets had about 10 Rebus sentences on it (pictures in place of a word). I wish I had thought to take a picture of the paper, but it’s already back at school (perhaps I will when it comes home again).

To my surprise, Burke read every single sentence! Pointing to each word as he went along. The pictures, of course, helped. And there were colors in each sentence that had been underlined in the right color – I’m assuming during class.

The sentences were all something like:

  • My Shoe is Yellow.
    Where Shoe is the picture and yellow is underlined with yellow crayon.
  • Is the bird red?
    Where bird is the picture and red is underlined with red crayon.

The thought behind the Rebus work is that it helps kids learn the words around the pictures faster, with less frustration, so they’re excited to read and will continue to work on it.

I’m *so* impressed!!