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What IS Today??

I swear, since I started working from home full time, I have absolutely no idea what day it is. I used to be able to remember what day it was from what was good on TV that night…now with the DVR, I don’t even need to do that!

Every morning I wake up and think “Okay…today is…?” And then I have to remember if it’s a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday so I can get the kids up and ready for school. And then throughout the day I’m constantly having to remind myself “Today is Monday – Speech class then Drawing class for Burke” Or “Today is Wednesday – Maggie has dance class today.” Or “Today is Thursday – EI day.” or “Today is Friday – EI day for a different kid.”

And I’m always skipping over Sunday for some reason. We’ll be sitting around on a Saturday and I’ll be thinking “Okay – tomorrow is Monday. I have to <fill in whatever happens on Mondays>” And Mike will gently remind me that we have a whole other day to plan around first.

Is part of the problem that I’m not really planning MY days any more? I have to remember all of the kid stuff, but none of mine? Seriously, *MY* day consists of get up, do whatever kid thing is going on, sit in front of the computer, perhaps another kid thing, sit in front of the computer, maybe another kid thing, sit in front of the computer, let the nanny go, try to remember what day it is so that I’ll know if Mike is teaching or coming home at his usual time. heh

Anybody have any tricks for knowing what day it is throughout the whole day? (And yes, I do have a calendar AND a planner…neither seem to help much though.)

How Do You Remember What Day of the Week it is?

So…I’ve been home with the kids all day all by myself for, let’s see…today is going on day 3.5…and seriously – how do you remember what day of the week it is? I can usually tell what day it is by when I go into work vs. when I work from home vs. when we hit church vs. when we hit Costco (usually 😉 ). I’ve had to stop and really think about what day of the week it is for the past two days since they all seem like Saturdays to me (without the Costco run).

I’m seriously curious to know how stay-at-home moms keep their days apart. And while we’re at it … what do you DO with the kids all day? I can fill the typical Saturday/Sunday with fun stuff – but after a few days of the same ‘ol mom stuff (that’s usually fun and exciting), I can see that the kids are already getting bored 😛

I need some creative ideas to keep ’em going. (preferably non-messy, non-expensive 😉 )

My hat goes off to you guys. I love my kids, but I’m so not built for this stay-at-home stuff…especially when we’re all stuck in the house all day! I know. I’m pathetic. *sigh*