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Sicky Sunday

Normally I’d be putting up a Baby Picture Sundays post but I just don’t have the energy today. The entire house is sick…I suppose that’s what happens when your kids go back to school and the weather starts changing.

The kids are coughing, I’m coughing. The kids are sleeping more than normal, Mike’s letting me sleep more than normal.

Lazy, lazy Sunday with Leapsters and TV. Go Mommy – way to be mom of the year 😉

Blog Farts

Blog Fartsnoun. Def: Crappy ideas that are too short to make a real blog post, but when combined, join forces to make one unified, albeit half a$$ed, post. see also: memes, surveys.

I’m just “borrowing” the term  🙂

(If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen a bunch of these before. I figure if I get ’em here, they’ll eventually end up in my Blog Book.)


My jaw dropped when I heard this from Maggie this morning: “Nancy, can you help me please?” Uhm…ya. That’d be Mommy, thank you.


Burke plays this cute game where he “glues” parts of your body (usually hands) and then sticks them somewhere … like together or to your arms or whatever. You have to play along and not be able to get unstuck until he squirts “water” onto said part. Many times, as soon as he “glues” my hands, I’ll be quicker than him and get stuck to his arms. A few days ago when we played, he did his usual “water” squirt but I told him that it wouldn’t work because I was stuck with Superglue. He just smiled and said, “But this is super water!”


Stellar mommy moment:  stapled the back of Burke’s bathing suit together so it wouldn’t fall down. (In case you’re wondering…it didn’t work very well.)


Is it wrong to put the TV on to distract the kids so I could try to finish my book? It was Sesame Street…


Something I never thought I’d hear myself say: “Burke! It’s not very smart to scare the cat when you have no clothes on!”

Way Back When-esday

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go on over to see who else is playing – and join in too!

Yesterday’s post made me want to go back and find the pictures from the twins’ first visit to the aquarium (their 1st birthday)…but I must have left my camera at home for that trip as well, cuz I can’t find any! (BAD mommy!!) So I’m settling for some pictures from June of 2006. The twins were 16 months old.

Maggie and Uncle Jason

Maggie and Uncle Jason



Stupendous Mommy Moments

Not only did I have a stupendous Mommy moment … I had two in the same day. Within minutes of each other. I’m sure one fed into the other, but yikes.

One of the rules in our house is that you have to at least try the food that’s put in front of you. If you don’t like the one required bite, you’re not obligated to eat any more. And wonderful Mom that I am, I usually find something else for you to eat. We put this rule into place because 9 times out of 10, if the kids try it, they like it. Although, they seem to forget what they like and don’t like daily…so getting them to try that one bite is usually a battle. For example, when it’s Burke’s turn – you can usually find me running around the room after him with a spoon full of something. It’s not pretty. (Do I hear “scarred for life” …? *sigh*)

Normally, Maggie will try anything. Not this time. I was running around trying to get her to eat the one bite…which she finally stopped to eat…gagged a bit and said “I’m going to be sick!” Not something I enjoy hearing about food I’ve cooked! To which I said, “No, you’re not … just chew and swallow.” Ya. Should have listened to her. *sigh*

While Mike and I were cleaning that up, I noticed that the 2 week old “Happy Birthday” sign  (you know, the kind that links the letters all together) was falling down. I don’t know why it was so important that I take care of it right at that moment, but I did. Yankrip. Burke’s eyes got really  big and I hear “Mommy ripped the sign!!! Daddy!!!” Whoo boy. I managed to diffuse that situation by telling him that it was old … he requested a new one for next time. Sure thing, Burke!

Bad mommy.

Rice Box Wonders

Since I’m continuing to “play” stay-at-home-mom for the next week, I needed some ideas to keep the kids entertained. A big Thank You to Goddess for the Rice Box idea!!

I got a $5 bag of rice from Costco and filled two separate boxes with rice. (Yes, we are at the stage where it’s much less stress/mess/yelling/fighting/etc. with separate things.) Pulled out some various sized cups and bowls, a spoon or two…and the kids are having a blast!







Is it bad that I told them that there may be something hidden in all that rice…?

P.S. The sheets with the half fitted top sheet that I got for the kids are from Walmart:

How Do You Remember What Day of the Week it is?

So…I’ve been home with the kids all day all by myself for, let’s see…today is going on day 3.5…and seriously – how do you remember what day of the week it is? I can usually tell what day it is by when I go into work vs. when I work from home vs. when we hit church vs. when we hit Costco (usually 😉 ). I’ve had to stop and really think about what day of the week it is for the past two days since they all seem like Saturdays to me (without the Costco run).

I’m seriously curious to know how stay-at-home moms keep their days apart. And while we’re at it … what do you DO with the kids all day? I can fill the typical Saturday/Sunday with fun stuff – but after a few days of the same ‘ol mom stuff (that’s usually fun and exciting), I can see that the kids are already getting bored 😛

I need some creative ideas to keep ’em going. (preferably non-messy, non-expensive 😉 )

My hat goes off to you guys. I love my kids, but I’m so not built for this stay-at-home stuff…especially when we’re all stuck in the house all day! I know. I’m pathetic. *sigh*

Mom of the Year Award

Ya. Sign me up.

Last night I wasn’t feeling well and had decided to not go to my moms of twins meeting – so I figured I’d get some dinner going. Logan was whining, so I decided to let him come into the kitchen with me. The twins were watching a movie.

Every time I glanced over at what Logan was doing, he seemed to be fine. Mostly just playing with the empty water bottles in the recycle bin. At one point I glanced up and noticed a mess on the floor. I figured he spilled something that was left over in one of the cans in the recycle bin. Ya. No. He was sitting there playing quietly while his blood was dripping from somewhere – all over everything.

Heart in throat, I started to check him over. Both hands were covered, his mouth was covered, his clothes, the floor, the cans he was playing with. He cut his left thumb on a can that had the tab popped off. It was pretty deep and I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding for a while. But the little guy didn’t even really notice! I had him sitting on the sink splashing in the water while I was trying to apply pressure on his thumb.

Poor Mike. I texted him that Logan had cut his thumb and he needed to call me (I had tried to call twice, but he hadn’t answered.) He ran the whole way home from the train station. And of course, by that time Logan’s thumb was only slightly dribbling by this point.

Needless to say, the recycle bin will be moving out of the kitchen.