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Stupendous Mommy Moments

Not only did I have a stupendous Mommy moment … I had two in the same day. Within minutes of each other. I’m sure one fed into the other, but yikes.

One of the rules in our house is that you have to at least try the food that’s put in front of you. If you don’t like the one required bite, you’re not obligated to eat any more. And wonderful Mom that I am, I usually find something else for you to eat. We put this rule into place because 9 times out of 10, if the kids try it, they like it. Although, they seem to forget what they like and don’t like daily…so getting them to try that one bite is usually a battle. For example, when it’s Burke’s turn – you can usually find me running around the room after him with a spoon full of something. It’s not pretty. (Do I hear “scarred for life” …? *sigh*)

Normally, Maggie will try anything. Not this time. I was running around trying to get her to eat the one bite…which she finally stopped to eat…gagged a bit and said “I’m going to be sick!” Not something I enjoy hearing about food I’ve cooked! To which I said, “No, you’re not … just chew and swallow.” Ya. Should have listened to her. *sigh*

While Mike and I were cleaning that up, I noticed that the 2 week old “Happy Birthday” sign  (you know, the kind that links the letters all together) was falling down. I don’t know why it was so important that I take care of it right at that moment, but I did. Yankrip. Burke’s eyes got really  big and I hear “Mommy ripped the sign!!! Daddy!!!” Whoo boy. I managed to diffuse that situation by telling him that it was old … he requested a new one for next time. Sure thing, Burke!

Bad mommy.

Various Wonderings

I’ve had various thoughts float through my head over the past few days:

Is it bad that the kids like Hot Pockets? And worse that I know Logan can eat two of them?


Why did the new sheets only work at keeping Burke in bed for one night?


Why is it that Logan can play by himself for long periods of time if I’m out of sight, but as soon as he sees me, he starts crying?


How the heck did one little girl (with only a few shots taken by others) take over 1500 pictures in the span of 3 days??


What the heck song is Burke singing, anyway??


Is Logan ready for potty training?

Not Quite.

Not Quite.


Why is Burke guarding the potty from Logan?

Who Knows.

Who Knows.


Why does Maggie sing everything?
(Oh ya. Mommy and Granny Frani have done that their whole lives too…)


Why is it that boxes are so fascinating to kids? And why, then, do we purchase actual toys?

Because you can play peek-a-boo with Mommy

Even Toy Boxes


Am I scarring Burke for life by putting some of Maggie’s undies on him because all of his are dirty?

Scary Disney Movies

What is it with Disney – supposedly FAMILY oriented Disney – that makes them have a scary part in pretty much every single movie?? Don’t get me wrong. I’m a *huge* Disney fan – I was a member of the Disney Movie Club long before I had kids. But wow. I guess you don’t really realize how bad it really is until you’re watching WITH kids.

A random sampling:

  • Bambi – mom’s shot. ‘nuf said.
  • Beauty and the Beast – uhm. Not just the Beast…there are wolves too!
  • The Fox and the Hound – The entire movie is crazy! I remember a cute friendship story…watching it (ONCE) with my kids showed a very, very dark story where they’re always trying to kill the fox!
  • 101 Dalmatians – Cruela DeVil. She wants to make a coat out of the puppies.
  • Monster’s Inc. – The very first scene is monsters trying to scare a kid in bed. nice.
  • Lion King – Dad dies. Scar then tries killing off Simba. And Scar’s FAMILY!
  • Finding Nemo – Mom dies. (What IS it with mom dying??)
  • Little Mermaid – Shark scene.

So…we start watching and ack! a scary part comes up and my brain freezes…do I turn it off or keep it going?! I’m thinking that most of these would be scarier if I turned it off before the warm fuzzy happy ending, so instead of doing that, we brave the monsters and plunge right on through…

I guess the ones that were around when I was younger didn’t scar ME for life (at least…I don’t think they did! LOL), so perhaps I shouldn’t be too worried. But then again, I hear that we can’t help but scar our kids for life, so why not let Disney help …

***EDIT*** I’m told that this is a good candidate for another blog listing (see comments), the Daily Mish Mash and July Movie Madness, so I’m adding a link to over there…looks like fun!

PB (Pre-Blog) – Getting Rid of the Pacifiers

It’s a slow day, so I thought I’d write about something I know I would have written about had I been blogging when it happened 🙂 So – this is “Pre-Blog” or PB.

The twins relied on their pacifiers for WAY too long. We were good about not letting them have them at any time except bed time and in the car on long trips. But we were bad about breaking them of the habit at an early age. You see, we just rid them of the habit in May. Yup…almost 3.5 years old and still with the paci. *sigh* But – we did it! And here’s our story.

Since Logan was born, Mike’s been the one to put the twins to bed. We had so many changes in their poor lives that we were trying to do it gradually…Mike was really good to not mention it at night hoping they’d forget, and not give it to them for longer and longer…but they’re like elephants. They always remember 😛

One morning as I was getting them ready for the day, I happened to notice that Maggie’s paci had a hole in it. I told her that it had a hole so we had to throw it away because it wasn’t safe any more. And I made sure she was watching as I did it. Burke was watching too and said, very seriously to Maggie – with his paci in his mouth, “paciflower broken. Throw away.” tee hee paciflower – I love that!

Mean mommy snipped a hole in Burke’s during the day when he wasn’t looking. Ooooops! Now all paciflowers are broken. They asked about the pacis for about a week, but were pretty good when we reminded them that they were broken.

Perhaps another thing that will scar them for life? Or at least from when they’re finally able to read and stumble on this post….

Secret to Sleeping Through the Night

A few weeks ago I posted an email to my mothers of twins group lamenting the fact that my 9-month-old baby isn’t sleeping for longer than 2 – 3 hours at a time, and that he’s now sleeping on his stomach which freaks me out. As usual, I got a bunch of replies from this wonderful group (what do moms of singletons do without such a support group??). A lot of the replies had to do with letting Logan “Cry It Out” (CIO in mommy terms). We tried it…and couldn’t stand it after about 10 minutes or so. The poor little guy 😦

This brings us to the secret for getting Logan to sleep through the night. *sigh* We forgot to turn the baby monitor on one night…so I’m guessing that he “Cried It Out”. We don’t know this for sure because I woke up with a start at 4am thinking “Go Logan!” (pause) “Oh my God, the monitor isn’t on!!!” And rushed into his room (You’d think I was a first-time mom heh). He was sleeping soundly with a very content face. I’m not sure what I was expecting (the frozen Han Solo ‘pose’??), and I could tell that he HAD been awake – covers off and in a different position…but he was JUST FINE. And he’s been sleeping through the night (mostly) since. I do have to wonder if this is another one of those “scarred for life” moments though.

So a tip for all you parents out there – when it’s time for your kid to sleep through the night, conveniently forget to turn your monitor on and mom and dad will be just fine!

Chalk this up to “BAAAAD MOMMY!!” that turned out for the best…

One on One Time??

One of the moms in my twin group just posted asking if she should try to schedule her twins into preschool such that they’re both there together 2 of the 3 days they go, and then on the 3rd day they go in on different days – so she can have one-on-one time with them. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve only thought about “alone” time with the kids in passing. . . Sure, Burke has his speech class that I take him to, and Maggie has had dentist appointments and a haircut and other appointments without Burke – but for the most part, they’re always WANTING to go places together, so I guess it never occurred to me that they’d want time with a parent alone. Perhaps we should start trying to do this?? Maybe it’s something we should wait a few years on so they’ll actually remember it? (seriously, what’s your earliest memory – do you remember things from 3.5 years old? I have a snapshot in my head from when Sharon came home from the hospital, but that very well could BE from a snapshot I’ve actually seen…)

Mike asked me tonight if I’d take Logan with me to the grocery store while he played with the twins in the yard. I guess I should have! At the time though, I was thinking “geez. that’s in the car seat (that the poor guy had just come out of – weekly Costco/Burger King run – with a Home Depot run thrown in), out of the car seat and into (another) shopping cart, run around the store to pick up the 3 things on my list (does it ever actually stay just 3??), back to the car seat.” man. just thinking that makes me tired. So…I told him it would take me a lot less time without him and I could come back and play too.

One of my fondest memories with my dad growing up was my “tool time” with him in the barn. Every so often (once a week??) he’d bring me to the barn and teach me how to use a tool. Just me. And he had *4* kids at that point (Sorry Meg – you weren’t born yet), and was pretty much a single dad…WITH *4* KIDS. How the hell did he do that? Did it really happen?? Am I remembering wrong and Sharon was there too? heheh am I scarred for life because I never really had any alone time? LOL

Ask anyone why I take long showers – I always tell them because it’s the only place anyone ever left me alone growing up. heh

One on One time. something to think about.