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Friday’s Fotos and Paci-B-Gone

Logan went to his first dental appointment last Tuesday. He was AWESOME. In fact, Dr. Dentist commented that he wished the rest of his patients for the day would be as good as Logan was. And he told Logan that he needed to demonstrate for all of the other first-timers how it should be done 😉 (Go Logan!!)

His teeth are fine…but Dr. Dentist asked if he was a thumb sucker or a pacifier user. Uhm…dang. you can tell?!  Ya…Logan still uses a paci at night. Dr. Dentist casually mentioned that he needs to transition away from that. He even suggested going to the store and finding a washcloth for the transition. (Apparently, sucking on a washcloth is better for the teeth than a paci.)

Since Logan was in the room for that conversation, that night I told him “Remember what the Dentist said? We need to throw the pacis away – they aren’t good for your teeth.”  (And then I had a meeting to go to, so I left Mike with a very distraught Logan…BAD mommy!) Mike said he cried for about a half hour – alternating between wanting his paci and his mommy. He slept through the night though.

The next night he asked for his pacis again, so again I reminded him about what the dentist had said. By the third night he asked again, but with a smile – definitely just looking to see what I’d say.

The first 5 days or so of bedtime routines were rough and completely drawn out, but by now, he’s stopped asking, and we’re all good! No more pacifiers in the house!

(Remember when Burke and Maggie got rid of their pacis?)

And now for the Foto. Burke and Maggie are taking a Gym class again this summer. (Year 1, Year 2)

This was taken right after they’d finished up.

Burke and Maggie after Gym Class

PB (Pre-Blog) – Getting Rid of the Pacifiers

It’s a slow day, so I thought I’d write about something I know I would have written about had I been blogging when it happened 🙂 So – this is “Pre-Blog” or PB.

The twins relied on their pacifiers for WAY too long. We were good about not letting them have them at any time except bed time and in the car on long trips. But we were bad about breaking them of the habit at an early age. You see, we just rid them of the habit in May. Yup…almost 3.5 years old and still with the paci. *sigh* But – we did it! And here’s our story.

Since Logan was born, Mike’s been the one to put the twins to bed. We had so many changes in their poor lives that we were trying to do it gradually…Mike was really good to not mention it at night hoping they’d forget, and not give it to them for longer and longer…but they’re like elephants. They always remember 😛

One morning as I was getting them ready for the day, I happened to notice that Maggie’s paci had a hole in it. I told her that it had a hole so we had to throw it away because it wasn’t safe any more. And I made sure she was watching as I did it. Burke was watching too and said, very seriously to Maggie – with his paci in his mouth, “paciflower broken. Throw away.” tee hee paciflower – I love that!

Mean mommy snipped a hole in Burke’s during the day when he wasn’t looking. Ooooops! Now all paciflowers are broken. They asked about the pacis for about a week, but were pretty good when we reminded them that they were broken.

Perhaps another thing that will scar them for life? Or at least from when they’re finally able to read and stumble on this post….