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Make-Up Gym Class

Burke and Maggie have been going to a gym class each week for the summer. Since we were on vacation last week, we did a make-up gym class for the one we’d miss.

When we got back into the car after it was over, Maggie looked at me and said in a really sad voice, “But mom, they didn’t put any makeup on me.”


“OH!!!” *giggle* “Maggie, make-up gym classes just mean that we are going to miss one and they’re letting us go to another one at a different time…not that they’ll put blush or lipstick on you.”

LOL! She’s too cute 🙂

…and that may also explain why Burke really didn’t want to go at first 😉

Friday’s Fotos and Paci-B-Gone

Logan went to his first dental appointment last Tuesday. He was AWESOME. In fact, Dr. Dentist commented that he wished the rest of his patients for the day would be as good as Logan was. And he told Logan that he needed to demonstrate for all of the other first-timers how it should be done 😉 (Go Logan!!)

His teeth are fine…but Dr. Dentist asked if he was a thumb sucker or a pacifier user. Uhm…dang. you can tell?!  Ya…Logan still uses a paci at night. Dr. Dentist casually mentioned that he needs to transition away from that. He even suggested going to the store and finding a washcloth for the transition. (Apparently, sucking on a washcloth is better for the teeth than a paci.)

Since Logan was in the room for that conversation, that night I told him “Remember what the Dentist said? We need to throw the pacis away – they aren’t good for your teeth.”  (And then I had a meeting to go to, so I left Mike with a very distraught Logan…BAD mommy!) Mike said he cried for about a half hour – alternating between wanting his paci and his mommy. He slept through the night though.

The next night he asked for his pacis again, so again I reminded him about what the dentist had said. By the third night he asked again, but with a smile – definitely just looking to see what I’d say.

The first 5 days or so of bedtime routines were rough and completely drawn out, but by now, he’s stopped asking, and we’re all good! No more pacifiers in the house!

(Remember when Burke and Maggie got rid of their pacis?)

And now for the Foto. Burke and Maggie are taking a Gym class again this summer. (Year 1, Year 2)

This was taken right after they’d finished up.

Burke and Maggie after Gym Class

Thursday Theater: Gym Class

Goddess hosts Thursday Theater. Wanna join in? Go add your name to the list!

The twins had the first day of their second gym class yesterday. As I knew they would, they had a BLAST!

Burke is in a blue shirt, Maggie is in a pink shirt (with pig tails).

(2 minutes – plus stupid OneTrueMedia wrapper)

Way Back When-esday

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go on over to see who else is playing – and join in too!

The kids started their summer gym class today. In honor of that, I dug up last year’s first day pictures:

Burke on the Balance Beam

On the balance beam

A Glimpse

Over the weekend, the twins attended a birthday party at the local gym they love. (Actually, the lovely lady pictured in that other post was the one who over-saw the party – so that was cool.)

When we first got there, Burke didn’t want to leave my side, so Ms. Gymnastics asked if I wanted to go with them. I held Burke for a bit, watching what the other kids were doing. The ball pit (actually, foam squares…) almost enticed him…but it wasn’t until he saw Maggie’s glee while swinging on the rope swing INTO the ball pit that he wanted to join in. (And yes, that does say Maggie was swinging on a rope. Oh, my heart! LOL)

I was able to go and interact with the other adults for a bit. I only knew the mom of the birthday boy (she’s in my twins club), but everyone was very nice.

After a little while, I noticed that all of the kids were sitting in the ball pit – except for Burke and Maggie. Not my two. They were still running/bouncing down the length of the trampoline and jumping into the ball pit, then running around to do it again. And again. And again. They stopped only when Ms. Gymnastics mentioned that it was time to go get cake. (Yes, that was all before the sugar high hit.)

I was talking with Ms. Gymnastics while the kids were eating cake and she was telling me that everyone else told her that they were too tired to do anything else…and she was amazed at the energy my kids have. (And that I’m crazy to have another one at home…) Yep. A small, little glimpse into my life at the zoo 🙂

What a great place for a party though! The kids are ushered around and they get to burn off TONS of energy. They slept really well that night.

Gym Class

Yesterday was the last Gym Class session for the twins. They’ve come a long way since that first day! Sure, they still run around like wild Indians (Hmm. Does anyone say that any more? I guess it’s not so PC), but they DO listen to what they’re supposed to do in between all that running.

Rope Climbing

Rope Climbing

Rope Climbing

Rope Climbing

Bear Crawl

Bear Walk

Bear Walk

Bear Walk



Bounce, Run, Jump, Bounce, run, Jump …

The twins had their first gym class today. WOW. I am so incredibly impressed with this place!! GymStreet USA seems to have thought of EVERYTHING. There’s a snack bar for parents who are waiting for their kids (with WiFi) that’s located pretty centrally with LOTS of windows to the surrounding rooms so you can watch your kids while sitting at one of the cafe tables. They have a day care room (cheap!) if you have another child and want to work out (hah). They have competent people who know how to handle a clingy child. Burke didn’t even screech when I handed him over! (And he had been clinging like an octopus since we walked in the door.) And it’s CLEAN.

I should probably mention here that the kids *LOVED* it. loved it loved it loved it. I don’t think Burke stopped smiling the whole time. heh He’d bounce from one place to another. Maggie’s red curls bouncing along with him or in front of him. They followed what they were supposed to be doing (mostly), and the instructors were pretty good about corralling them back in when they needed it (yep. that’d be MY kids who needed it the most…) Burke and Maggie may not have been the youngest – they probably were – but they were definitely the littlest! My little peanuts 🙂

Here they are on the balance beam:

Burke on the Balance Beam

My only complaint is that I had to take pictures through the window… I probably COULD have gone inside to snap some – but I was just too chicken *blush* Oh, and I guess I was too busy chatting away too…met a mom with 18 month old b/g twins who’s older daughter was in running around with Burke and Maggie.