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Birthday, Birthday, Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!

(They did turn 5…hence the 5 birthday’s up there. Although, there are 2 of them, so perhaps I should have done 10? 😉 )

We celebrated Burke and Maggie’s birthday yesterday. I still can’t believe I’m a mom to two 5 year olds. CRAZY!!

We had a blast! Grandpa, Nana, Aunt Meghan, and Aunt Cathy came over to help celebrate, and Grandpa brought one of his famous shaped cakes. (You may remember Mickey Mouse from Logan’s birthday in September, Tyrone from the twins’ birthday last year, or Elmo and McQueen from years past…)

This year, my dad made Cinderella!

Cinderella Cake

Everyone had their tiara on.

Grandpa and Nana

Nana and Aunt Cathy

Aunt Meghan




Burke and Maggie

Mike grilled up some grub: Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Kielbasa, Steak, potatoes, and Asparagus.


And, of course, there were tons of presents.


A Glimpse

Over the weekend, the twins attended a birthday party at the local gym they love. (Actually, the lovely lady pictured in that other post was the one who over-saw the party – so that was cool.)

When we first got there, Burke didn’t want to leave my side, so Ms. Gymnastics asked if I wanted to go with them. I held Burke for a bit, watching what the other kids were doing. The ball pit (actually, foam squares…) almost enticed him…but it wasn’t until he saw Maggie’s glee while swinging on the rope swing INTO the ball pit that he wanted to join in. (And yes, that does say Maggie was swinging on a rope. Oh, my heart! LOL)

I was able to go and interact with the other adults for a bit. I only knew the mom of the birthday boy (she’s in my twins club), but everyone was very nice.

After a little while, I noticed that all of the kids were sitting in the ball pit – except for Burke and Maggie. Not my two. They were still running/bouncing down the length of the trampoline and jumping into the ball pit, then running around to do it again. And again. And again. They stopped only when Ms. Gymnastics mentioned that it was time to go get cake. (Yes, that was all before the sugar high hit.)

I was talking with Ms. Gymnastics while the kids were eating cake and she was telling me that everyone else told her that they were too tired to do anything else…and she was amazed at the energy my kids have. (And that I’m crazy to have another one at home…) Yep. A small, little glimpse into my life at the zoo 🙂

What a great place for a party though! The kids are ushered around and they get to burn off TONS of energy. They slept really well that night.

Controlled Chaos

I took the kids to their first non-family birthday party yesterday. It was pretty much how I had envisioned it: controlled chaos. Lots of kids, lots of adults, lots of loud. They had a woman who came in to sing with the kids for about an hour. She was okay…no Laurie Berkner or anything, but she mostly captured the kids’ attention. Burke and Maggie hung out in the back with me (and a few other shy-types). They’d swing up to the front to grab a toy and come right back. (The lady’s props included stuffed frogs, stuffed fish, toy tools, little pumpkins, and lots of loud musical instruments.) And she encouraged throwing some of them. The kids had a good time with that 🙂

It turned out that Mike was able to work in the morning and be back in time to watch Logan while I brought Burke and Maggie – but Gio, I have to say that you’re awesome for stepping up 🙂

Some notes from the host that I’m going to keep in the back of my head if we ever attempt a non-family party:

  • Name tags. All of the kids were wearing one and it was a really great way for the adults to know who was who.
  • Home made banana cake. The kids *all* dug into it and it put the moms of peanut allergy kids at ease. Nice!
  • Don’t open the gifts while the kids are there. Ya – I was hoping she wouldn’t, and she didn’t. There was no jealousy over what the boy got, no sadness over having to give the gift up, no boredom having to sit through all that unwrapping. AND…it meant I didn’t have to worry that she’d give one piece of cake for my kids to share because they brought a joint gift. LOL

First Birthday Party

It was bound to happen. I couldn’t hide them from it forever…and now that the twins are in preschool, they’ve been invited to their first non-family birthday party. And I have no idea what to do.

I suppose I should just go ahead and ask the mom who is throwing it, but I thought I’d ask you guys too *grin*

So…I’m thinking that a joint gift from the twins is okay..? As long as it’s a little bit more than if we sent just one kid to the party..? And speaking of that…what’s the acceptable/expected amount we’re SUPPOSED to spend on a gift?

And … at this age, am I expected to stay for the party, or just drop the kids off and bolt? (It’s at the boy’s house.) Do I offer to help? And if I offer to help, what happens if Mike has to work and I need to bring my 1 year old along as well – is that frowned upon?

How long do these things usually last?

Any other wise words of wisdom from all you seasoned moms out there?