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Friday’s Fotos: Musical Instruments

Last week, we made a slight investment so that our kids would be better prepared for their piano lessons:

We were originally going to go with a full sized upright piano…but after talking with my (music teacher) Step-Mother, we decided that getting a digital piano was the way to go. It is fairly easy to move, it doesn’t over-power the room, it never needs tuning, and it plays 50 songs! (LOL!) The kids are enjoying it and have actually been practicing πŸ™‚


I also purchased an acoustic guitar for Mike (a late Christmas present!)


Unfortunately, as much as Mike loves playing the guitar, his wrist falls to sleep while he’s playing. Damn Carpal tunnel Syndrome!

Friday’s Fotos: SSDD

Yep, Same Sh!t, Different Day. Surprise! We got more snow this week (and yes, there’s more coming).

View from our back door

Snowbank from shoveling our driveway

BIG snowbank

Friday’s Fotos: School Work and Homework

Since Burke and Maggie have different teachers, they usually end up with different school-work/homework (sometimes, same homework on different days). The last two pieces that have come home were SUPER cute though!

At school, Burke was asked to complete the sentence: “On Thanksgiving I…” The don’t help with the spelling and just let the kids have at it. This is what he wrote:

Give or take a few letters, it says, “On Thanksgiving I went to Grandpa and Nana and Aunt Meghan’s House.”


Maggie’s homework last night was to write an “N” word (she chose “Nancy”) and then use her “N” word in a sentence.

Yes. I melted. πŸ™‚

Friday’s Fotos: It’s Fall and “Ho Ho Ho”

Both of these pictures were texted to me.

Mike sent the one of the kids in the leaves while I was at the MMOTA State Convention and Nanny Jessica sent the one of Logan lookin’ like Santa while I was with Burke at his art class. Gotta love technology πŸ™‚

It's Fall!!


(The leaf one is now the background on my phone πŸ™‚ )

Friday’s Fotos: Look What I Made

There’s a SUPER cute pottery place around here calledΒ  Look What I Made. I checked it out myself during a Mom’s Night Out a few weeks ago (and made a purple and green mug. *grin* ) The way it works is you go in, paint the pottery, and then leave it for a week while they fire it up. That means it’s now microwave and dishwasher safe!

Last week, we had a play date there. Nanny Jessica took the kids to pick the pottery up this week (and paint more LOL!)

Burke's Creations

Maggie's Creations

Logan's Creation

Friday’s Fotos: The Perfect Gift and Updated Style

My sister gave me the perfect mug for my birthday. I hold it proudly! πŸ™‚

And Maggie changed the fabric above her head on her bunk bed, so we now have room for more “style” on the wall.

More Maggie Style


Friday’s Fotos: Mom’s Night Out

On Wednesday, my twins club sponsored a Meet the Officer’s Dinner. I had a BLAST! The food was really good, and it was so great to chat with such wonderful people! We had a total of 20 moms…including some fellow mommy blog writers:

(I hope I didn’t miss anyone!!)

Friday’s Fotos: Backlog From My Camera

I found these on my camera when I downloaded my pictures the other day. I’ll thank Nanny Jessica for taking them πŸ™‚

New Boots!

"Hi Burke!"

"THIS is the life."

"Hi Logan!"

Friday’s Fotos: A Whole Lot of Random

Potatoes from the Garden!

Maggie's First Girl Scout Meeting

Nana capturing everyone's attention (back at Logan's Birthday celebrations)

Logan Reading


And some dress-up time:

Princess Knight Logan

Burke, Maggie, and Logan

Friday’s Fotos: Hula, Proof, 3D, and Small Veggies

I usually put up Friday’s Fotos every week, but I didn’t last week for some reason…so these are from the past two weeks.

Maggie can Hula too!

Proof that there ARE "twin moments"

Logan showing off the 3D glasses we got from Avitar (yes, I kept them)

The following veggies came from our garden. I’m not sure why they are SO SMALL after having “cooked” for the right amount of time. Ah well – perhaps next year. πŸ™‚

Tiny Onions

Tiny Carrots