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Friday’s Fotos: Backlog From My Camera

I found these on my camera when I downloaded my pictures the other day. I’ll thank Nanny Jessica for taking them 🙂

New Boots!

"Hi Burke!"

"THIS is the life."

"Hi Logan!"

Friday’s Fotos: A Whole Lot of Random

Potatoes from the Garden!

Maggie's First Girl Scout Meeting

Nana capturing everyone's attention (back at Logan's Birthday celebrations)

Logan Reading


And some dress-up time:

Princess Knight Logan

Burke, Maggie, and Logan

Friday’s Fotos: Hula, Proof, 3D, and Small Veggies

I usually put up Friday’s Fotos every week, but I didn’t last week for some reason…so these are from the past two weeks.

Maggie can Hula too!

Proof that there ARE "twin moments"

Logan showing off the 3D glasses we got from Avitar (yes, I kept them)

The following veggies came from our garden. I’m not sure why they are SO SMALL after having “cooked” for the right amount of time. Ah well – perhaps next year. 🙂

Tiny Onions

Tiny Carrots

Friday’s Fotos: Swinging, Praying, and Cooking

The kids decided that all 3 of them would fit on this swing…

Sharing the Swing

…and it worked! (For a little while…)


When I pulled up to our town’s ATM, I noticed a little critter attached to the side of it.

Praying Mantis

(Good thing no one was behind me in line…)


I made a double batch of Shepherd’s Pie in my new Calphalon 5 QT Dutch Oven!! Yum. 🙂

Shepherd's Pie

(It was awesome to brown the meat and then not have to transfer it to a casserole dish!)

Friday’s Fotos: Tanned, Tomatoes, and Baseball

While changing Logan out of his swimsuit and into shorts, I just couldn’t get over his tan line! He definitely didn’t get his mom’s pasty skin…

Logan's tushy

We got our first tomatoes today! And these aren’t from either garden…they’re the ones that sprung up from where we had them last year … apparently, a tomato escaped and rotted into the ground to provide us with two more plants this year. Yeah! 🙂

First Tomatoes of the Year

Burke and Maggie got their first baseball gloves  yesterday!

Burke's New Baseball Glove

Maggie’s is pink and purple (See? You can be girly and sporty!).

Maggie's New Girly Baseball Glove

Friday’s Fotos: More Carnival and Goofy Logan

Mike took some pictures while inside the Dizzy Dragon ride at the carnival last week:


Uncle Jason and Maggie

Cousin Grey and Burke


Logan and Nanny Jessica have a lot of fun together when Burke and Maggie are at their gym class:

The Rockin' Lumberjack

Air Guitar?

Friday’s Fotos and Paci-B-Gone

Logan went to his first dental appointment last Tuesday. He was AWESOME. In fact, Dr. Dentist commented that he wished the rest of his patients for the day would be as good as Logan was. And he told Logan that he needed to demonstrate for all of the other first-timers how it should be done 😉 (Go Logan!!)

His teeth are fine…but Dr. Dentist asked if he was a thumb sucker or a pacifier user. Uhm…dang. you can tell?!  Ya…Logan still uses a paci at night. Dr. Dentist casually mentioned that he needs to transition away from that. He even suggested going to the store and finding a washcloth for the transition. (Apparently, sucking on a washcloth is better for the teeth than a paci.)

Since Logan was in the room for that conversation, that night I told him “Remember what the Dentist said? We need to throw the pacis away – they aren’t good for your teeth.”  (And then I had a meeting to go to, so I left Mike with a very distraught Logan…BAD mommy!) Mike said he cried for about a half hour – alternating between wanting his paci and his mommy. He slept through the night though.

The next night he asked for his pacis again, so again I reminded him about what the dentist had said. By the third night he asked again, but with a smile – definitely just looking to see what I’d say.

The first 5 days or so of bedtime routines were rough and completely drawn out, but by now, he’s stopped asking, and we’re all good! No more pacifiers in the house!

(Remember when Burke and Maggie got rid of their pacis?)

And now for the Foto. Burke and Maggie are taking a Gym class again this summer. (Year 1, Year 2)

This was taken right after they’d finished up.

Burke and Maggie after Gym Class