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Friday’s Fotos: Baseball, Freckles, and Movies

Logan loves to play baseball…I’m not sure he’s quite got the hang of it yet but he’s got the right idea! 😉

No Strike Zone Here!

No Strike Zone Here!

(He’s such a goofball though, what you don’t see here is that as soon as Mommy throws the ball – to intentionally hit the *ahem* stationary bat – Logan giggles and falls backwards onto his butt. We could do this for hours…)


I took the kids to see “How to Train Your Dragon” last week. Logan’s first theater movie! (Burke and Maggie’s second.) The movie had some scary parts, and the kids jumped some, but they LOVED it. (I thought it was pretty cute too 🙂 )

Burke and Logan


(Don’t let the pictures fool you – Logan was in my lap the entire time. I took these while the previews were showing.)


Burke’s face has exploded with freckles! (I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised…I have them on me wherever the sun shines 😉 )

Burke's Freckles