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Friday’s Fotos: Mom’s Night Out

On Wednesday, my twins club sponsored a Meet the Officer’s Dinner. I had a BLAST! The food was really good, and it was so great to chat with such wonderful people! We had a total of 20 moms…including some fellow mommy blog writers:

(I hope I didn’t miss anyone!!)

Friday’s Fotos: A Priate Ship and MNO

As I mentioned before, our kiddie pool from last year needed to be replaced.

Behold the pirate ship pool!


The Dread Pirate Logan

The Dread Pirate Burke

(Yes, those are inflatable pirate hat, shield, and sword – 2 sets! And an inflatable treasure chest as well. Oh and the cannons shoot water if you attach the hose. LOL!)


Last night, I attended the National Mom’s Night Out. (I may have mentioned one or two times that I put together 150 Swag Bags for this event…) It was sooooo much fun!! And my friends Tanya and VP helped out too!

Getting ready to unload the Swag Bags

Cupcakes from 5Bites Cupcakes

(The 5Bites Cupcakes were SO good! If you’re in the area, definitely give them a try.)

Waiting in Line for Things to Start

Edible Arrangements

(The Edible Arrangements fruit was good too – and went really fast!)

Refreshements Table

Mini Manicure

Make-up Sessions

Massage Chair

(The nails and massages were provided by Jesamondo Salon and Spa; the make-up was provided by Dianna Quagenti.)

And Land’s End provided very capable staff to do the swimsuit fittings. (I figured a picture of that would be a wee bit inappropriate though 😉 )

And the Swag Bags were such a hit that one woman begged for one for a “friend who is parking the car.” We told her that there were plenty and that when her friend got there, she could register for one herself. About 1/2 hour later, she was witnessed taking one of the bags that was behind the table! WHO DOES THAT?! We chatted quickly amongst ourselves and decided that we should go after her. Katie stepped up and got the bag back (explaining that the bags were meant to be one per person. GO Katie!!) Crazy night. But what a blast 🙂

Saturday Snapshot: Swag Bags

I’m starting to put together the Swag Bags for the MNO on Thursday. 150 bags. I’m about 1/6th of the way there…

These things are gonna be awesome though!!

The pictures show the boxes upon boxes that have shown up at my door (13 boxes just for the totes!), my “stations” for putting the bags together, all of the stuff that goes into the totes (note: you won’t get an entire bag of Dove chocolates, but you will get a few 🙂 ), and the stack o’ bags I’ve been able to put together so far.

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go over and have a look at what others are doing on this lovely Saturday.

One Week To Go!

I am Celebrating National Mom’s Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of MotherhoodHave you heard?? May 6th is
National Mom’s Night Out!!

I’m so excited because I’m helping out at one of the ones in my area. I’m putting together 150 Swag Bags…and let me tell you…holy SWAG!! (I’m secretly hoping that I’ll be able to keep one of them LOL!) Oh hey – as I’m typing, yet another box has been dropped off at my front door…wonder what will be in this package…It’s like Christmas around here! I think I’m helping out that night as well, but I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet.

I’m also excited because…it’s a mom’s NIGHT  OUT!! 🙂

The one I’m attending is sponsored by Land’s End and boasts (at least) the following:

  • FREE swimsuit fittings
  • Mini Manis
  • Mini Make-overs
  • Swag bags
  • Refreshments
  • Drawings every 1/2 hour

Where: Lands’ End Shop at Sears in Natick Collection Mall, Natick MA
When: 6-9 pm

Are you in the Natick, MA area? Come find me!!

If you’re not in the area, I bet there’s one in your area.

From the MNO website (www.momsniteout.com):

The National Mom’s Nite Out is the first nationally organized
celebration of motherhood Intended to bring together today’s moms,
physically and virtually, The National Mom’s Nite Out will unite over
150 social media groups, companies, local playgroups, mommy bloggers and mother social networks in giving moms a well deserved night off.

The evening will consist of local events held across the country, as well as mom-organized parties and virtual activities. To allow moms
everywhere to join in on the fun, mothers will be invited to throw their own mom’s nite out event by downloading party ideas and elements from The National Mom’s Nite Out Website. The night of the event moms can join in the fun through online chats, Skype, and Twitter tweet-ups.