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Thursday Theater: The Art of Sharing a Lollipop

Burke and Maggie received lollipops for cleaning up the living room…and decided that they *might* share with Logan.

(1 minute 55 seconds)

And the pictures to match 🙂

"That looks good..."

"Is this how you do it..?"





Fx4: Baking

The kids baked some Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies with Jessica (the nanny) yesterday. Jessica captured some really cute pictures…and a really funny video.

Watching the Cookies Bake

Watching the Cookies Bake

"We made cookies!!"

"We made cookies!!"

"Are they done yet?"

"Are they done yet?"

And the funny video of Burke trying to hug Marjorie…

(1 minute)

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Thursday Theater: Ballet Class!

Marjorie had her first dance class yesterday. All of the girls were so cute!!



They had ballet and Tap shoes. Marjorie was so excited!


As you can see…she had a hard time looking away from the mirror that covered the wall…

(1 minute 57 seconds)

And here’s what happens if Burke tries to get in on the action:

"This is NOT your class!"

"This is NOT your class!"

(I swear, I didn’t doctor the eyes here…LOL!)

You may notice that she’s the only one without a little frilly skirt…guess what Mom has to purchase over the weekend. By request… Oh goodie, it’s already starting. 😉

Thursday Theater: Nice Surprise

I leave the digital camera down by the TV in our living room. My nanny, Jessica, told me that she’d used it to capture a moment or two … but I’d totally forgotten. Imagine my surprise when I downloaded what was there! It’s cool to catch a glimpse into the kids’ day when I’m not around 🙂

(1 minute)

And a few photos to round it all out. I can only imagine that Marjorie was playing with the dress-up box and found her princess hat…and that Burke wanted one too, so Jessica made one for him 🙂

I THINK they're hugging...

I THINK they're hugging...

Burke and Marjorie

Burke and Marjorie

Thursday Theater: Kid Photographer

Burke has really enjoyed the digital camera Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jason gave him for Christmas. (Okay, it was really given to Marjorie, but Burke has pretty much taken it over).
Here’s his latest video adventures.
(1 minute 10 seconds plus OneTrueMedia wrapper)
Warning: Motion sickness MIGHT ensue.

Thursday Theater: Dizzy

There’s a swing in the back yard of Grandpa and Nana’s house…the twins are almost too big for it, but they still have fun.

(1 minute 30 seconds plus OneTrueMedia wrapper)

P.S. I’m a guest poster over at Who Says Eight is Enough today!!

Thursday Theater: Baseball!

My twins club got a block of seats to the Lowell Spinners game on Saturday. (The Spinners are a Single A affiliate for the Red Sox.) The kids love all of the music and activities that go on. I’m not so sure if they’re into the actual baseball stuff yet though LOL

(1 minute and 2 seconds plus OneTrueMedia wrapper)

Thursday Theater: Pool Time!

I’ve put up a few photos of our new kiddie pool, but I figured I’d put some video up as well.

These were taken when we first put the pool up. The first video is the kids playing in it without water. The second is when there’s water in it.

(30 seconds)

(24 seconds)

…and you can see how much fun the nanny is too. At least… *I* think she is 😉

Thursday Theater: Fireworks

Goddess is taking a break from Thursday Theater theater this week… but I’ll still link back to her cuz it was her idea 😉

Our town has two nights of fireworks! The first night was beautiful; the second night was a little bit chilly.

(2-ish minutes, plus OneTrueMedia wrapper)

Thursday Theater: Reading

Goddess hosts Thursday Theater. Wanna join in? Go add your name to the list!

The other day, Burke told me he wanted to read his Three Little Pig story. I said, “Okay…be right there.” He grabbed the book and when I got into the room, this is what I saw. (With Maggie tap-dancing in the background…)

(1 minute plus stupid OneTrueMedia wrapper)