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Thursday Theater: Nice Surprise

I leave the digital camera down by the TV in our living room. My nanny, Jessica, told me that she’d used it to capture a moment or two … but I’d totally forgotten. Imagine my surprise when I downloaded what was there! It’s cool to catch a glimpse into the kids’ day when I’m not around πŸ™‚

(1 minute)

And a few photos to round it all out. I can only imagine that Marjorie was playing with the dress-up box and found her princess hat…and that Burke wanted one too, so Jessica made one for him πŸ™‚

I THINK they're hugging...

I THINK they're hugging...

Burke and Marjorie

Burke and Marjorie

Keeping Busy

Our week in Vermont continues!

“Tractor” rides all around

Grandpa and Burke

Grandpa and Burke

Grandpa and Maggie

Grandpa and Marjorie*

Grandpa and Logan

Grandpa and Logan

Logan was a little … ripe.



The Bug Parade

Logan, Nana, and Marjorie

Logan, Nana, and Marjorie*

Then the City Band concert in the park. Nana is the conductor. (She’s the one waving her arms off to the right.) If you look closely, you’ll see her name on the bandstand…it was built for her!

City Band

City Band


Watching the Band

Dancing: Marjorie* and Burke

Dancing: Marjorie* and Burke


Danicing: Cousin Grey and Burke

They even got to play the bass drum when the concert was over!





*Maggie is still correcting us…so I figure I should start calling her “Marjorie” here too…SO.HARD!

Shake Dance

We were in the back yard yesterday when Burke spritzed Logan with the hose. (Still not sure if it was an accident or not…) The rule is if you spray anyone who doesn’t want to be sprayed, the water is turned off. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with Burke and he did his usual “run away crying” thing followed by some screeching.

When I finally caught up to him I asked, “Why are you screeching, Burke?”

His response? “Shake Dance.”

He was screeching because he knew that the last few times he got frustrated and screeched, we broke into the Shake Off The Frustration Dance – and he really liked it. NOW all we have to do is teach him that asking for the dance rather than screeching is the way to go.

How’d we get him to do the Dance, you ask? Simple, really. Fishful Thinking helped!

Have you been following along with Fishful Thinking? Has it been helpful to you?

Thursday Theater: Everyone Loves a Parade

Goddess hosts Thursday Theater. Wanna join in? Go add your name to the list!

We went to the town Memorial Day Parade on Monday and I happened to catch Burke on video enjoying it a bit. (It’s from my phone, sorry about the quality!)

(21 seconds)

Blog Hoppin’

At lunch time, I was hopping through some blogs (I don’t even remember how the heck I found this or where I came from) but I came across the following video:


(find the original, high-def one here:

(find out takes here:

***EDIT*** So I’m told that I didn’t really provide enough information about this post. The guy who made this is Matthew Harding. Apparently he decided to travel all over the place after quitting his job as a video game developer when they wanted him to create a shoot ’em up type one. He and his buddy got the bright idea to dance everywhere. His personal website isΒ  Where the hell is Matt? that started when he wanted to show his friends and family the dancing videos.

She Did it Again.

Cathy, Cathy, Cathy. These Jib Jab sessions are going to be the death of me πŸ™‚

Here’s the first one sent today:


Yup. those are MY kids breakdancing. LOL!! I made the mistake of opening it in front of Burke. . . so he was sitting here watching it with me. “Burke dancing!” pause. “Maggie dancing!” pause. “Logan dancing!!” He loved it. I think I had to replay it about 14 times before the only thing that would tear him away was some pizza. AND after the pizza, he came back over to me and said “I need more Burke.” It took me a second to realize that he meant he wanted to see “himself” dancing some more. I finally gave up and showed him how to push the mouse button to replay it himself. I have no idea how many times…

THEN comes THIS one:


Sharon and Jason. Totally fits – in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the ones to dance for the original video *grin* (although, the models are kinda pasty white…)

Burke liked that one too, but not as much as watching himself. He did request one of Grandpa though…Cathy? πŸ˜‰


So, my older sister found/created this:

I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

Yep. That’s me, my sisters and my brother. Cathy has way too much time on her hands! LOL