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Shake Dance

We were in the back yard yesterday when Burke spritzed Logan with the hose. (Still not sure if it was an accident or not…) The rule is if you spray anyone who doesn’t want to be sprayed, the water is turned off. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with Burke and he did his usual “run away crying” thing followed by some screeching.

When I finally caught up to him I asked, “Why are you screeching, Burke?”

His response? “Shake Dance.”

He was screeching because he knew that the last few times he got frustrated and screeched, we broke into the Shake Off The Frustration Dance – and he really liked it. NOW all we have to do is teach him that asking for the dance rather than screeching is the way to go.

How’d we get him to do the Dance, you ask? Simple, really. Fishful Thinking helped!

Have you been following along with Fishful Thinking? Has it been helpful to you?

2 Responses

  1. It’s neat that he likes the dance! I’m sure that you’ll be able to help him understand he doesn’t have to get upset to do the dance. I have been over to their site a few times. They do have some good information.

  2. I love the”shake dance”! There are times when I’d like to do it — and maybe I will. Thanks for the idea.

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