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At the Aquarium

We went to the Aquarium with my cousin Dave yesterday. The kids had a blast…Maggie wouldn’t let Dave put her down LOL

The pictures are pretty dark because, well, it’s the Aquarium and apparently there’s mood lighting. Plus – mom of the year that I am – I forgot my camera, so these were all taken with my phone.

The Best Way to Travel

The Best Way to Travel

Look! Fish!

"Look! Fish!"

Learning About Horseshoe Crabs

Learning About Horseshoe Crabs

Is there anything in there?

"Is there anything in there?"

My Kind Of Turtle

My Kind Of Turtle

Is that a shark?

Is that a shark?

That one is "Bob"

That one's name is "Bob"

Look at THAT one!

"Look at THAT one!"

Dave remembered his camera…these are from him (Thanks Dave!)

Dave and Maggie

Dave and Maggie

Burke, Maggie, and "Steve the Turtle"

Burke, Maggie, and "Steve the Turtle"

So Many Fish!

So Many Fish!

Hiya :)

Hiya 🙂

After the Aquarium, we met up with Aunt Cathy and ate at Durgin Park (YUM!). Dave took this picture as we were leaving to go home.


6 Responses

  1. That little Maggie is just the cutest with her red curls! She just melts my heart.

    That looks like such a fun trip. I wish we had an aquarium close by, but our nearest is…um….Chicago?

    Right. No way am I driving all the way to Chicago with my children. NO WAY!

  2. that’s one of my favorite places. i can’t wait for my kids to be at an age where they can enjoy it.

  3. How cool that y’all live close to an aquarium! It looks like a really nice one too!

  4. Love the aquarium!!!

  5. Maggie is so stinking cute with that hair and freckles. And great to spend time with family.

  6. Durgin Park is my FAV!!!!!

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