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Keeping Busy

Our week in Vermont continues!

“Tractor” rides all around

Grandpa and Burke

Grandpa and Burke

Grandpa and Maggie

Grandpa and Marjorie*

Grandpa and Logan

Grandpa and Logan

Logan was a little … ripe.



The Bug Parade

Logan, Nana, and Marjorie

Logan, Nana, and Marjorie*

Then the City Band concert in the park. Nana is the conductor. (She’s the one waving her arms off to the right.) If you look closely, you’ll see her name on the bandstand…it was built for her!

City Band

City Band


Watching the Band

Dancing: Marjorie* and Burke

Dancing: Marjorie* and Burke


Danicing: Cousin Grey and Burke

They even got to play the bass drum when the concert was over!





*Maggie is still correcting us…so I figure I should start calling her “Marjorie” here too…SO.HARD!

Weekend in Vermont – Part 3

While in Vermont, we celebrated Logan’s birthday.

Whats Going On

What's Going On?



Can I Have Some More

What Do You Mean I Can't Have Any More?

Who says sugar doesn’t do anything to kids??

(1 minute longsee Burke zip through around 30 seconds in)

Maggie’s always singing, but she’s never this…hyper about it. And in this next clip, she’s recruited Auntie backup singers! LOL

(30 seconds long)

The next day, to battle the sugar hangover, Grandpa gave everyone a tractor ride.

Get Ready

Get Ready!