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PB – Maggie’s Second Hospital Visit

It’s another slow day, so I thought I’d write about yet another thing I know I would have written about had I been blogging when it happened ) So – this is “Pre-Blog” or PB. To see why I’ve been writing PB posts, see this post.

This happened in January…and again, even though I KNOW she’s okay, it still makes me a little sick to my stomach thinking about it. I’ve copied a lot from an email I wrote to friends and family about it. (Sorry if you’ve read it before!) And yes…that does read “Second” visit … Here’s where I wrote about the first one.

Poor Grandpa nearly had a heart attack (yes, the entire fam damily was there to celebrate the Twins’ 3rd birthday – some good pictures from THAT celebration. oy)… Before we could celebrate though, there was another Emergency Room trip for Maggie. *sigh* At least this time we didn’t need an ambulance! She was running around again and fell face-first into the coffee table. Bloody nose, bloody gums, big fat lip, tooth knocked out of place. Fun. Glad the fam was here to take care of the other two kids though! (I’m sure that would have been its own blog post…)

After sitting for hours watching a fake fish tank, the doctors in the ER told us to expect the dentist to pull the tooth…Geez. that would mean the poor kid would be toothless for at least 3 years!!

We had tried to call a dentist we sort of knew (someone from the church we had *just* joined) before we left for the hospital, but she didn’t get back to us until the next day. When we finally got to talk with her, she said that they’d want to try to keep the tooth in for as long as possible…and that we wouldn’t need to bring her in to the dentist unless something changed with the tooth – it gets looser or turns black or something. We needed to make a 3-year-old appointment for both of them anyway, so I just made sure to do it within the next few days (I had just switched jobs and was still waiting for my new insurance card to show up…)

We went in, and sure enough – they said “we’ll keep an eye on it.” But they didn’t want to pull it or anything.

Maggie’s tooth is still out of place – hanging down lower than the rest – and she’s even bumped it again (on Burke’s head of all things) but it hasn’t done anything else yet. And she’s eating with no problems. We’ve had 3 dentist appointments since, just to keep an eye on it…and that’s all they want to do! No toothless wonder! *phew*

We got lucky that she still has the tooth, but I’m still waiting for DSS to show up at our door…

PB (Pre-Blog) – Getting Rid of the Pacifiers

It’s a slow day, so I thought I’d write about something I know I would have written about had I been blogging when it happened 🙂 So – this is “Pre-Blog” or PB.

The twins relied on their pacifiers for WAY too long. We were good about not letting them have them at any time except bed time and in the car on long trips. But we were bad about breaking them of the habit at an early age. You see, we just rid them of the habit in May. Yup…almost 3.5 years old and still with the paci. *sigh* But – we did it! And here’s our story.

Since Logan was born, Mike’s been the one to put the twins to bed. We had so many changes in their poor lives that we were trying to do it gradually…Mike was really good to not mention it at night hoping they’d forget, and not give it to them for longer and longer…but they’re like elephants. They always remember 😛

One morning as I was getting them ready for the day, I happened to notice that Maggie’s paci had a hole in it. I told her that it had a hole so we had to throw it away because it wasn’t safe any more. And I made sure she was watching as I did it. Burke was watching too and said, very seriously to Maggie – with his paci in his mouth, “paciflower broken. Throw away.” tee hee paciflower – I love that!

Mean mommy snipped a hole in Burke’s during the day when he wasn’t looking. Ooooops! Now all paciflowers are broken. They asked about the pacis for about a week, but were pretty good when we reminded them that they were broken.

Perhaps another thing that will scar them for life? Or at least from when they’re finally able to read and stumble on this post….