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Blog Farts

Blog Fartsnoun. Def: Crappy ideas that are too short to make a real blog post, but when combined, join forces to make one unified, albeit half a$$ed, post. see also: memes, surveys.

I’m just “borrowing” the term  🙂

(If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen a bunch of these before. I figure if I get ’em here, they’ll eventually end up in my Blog Book.)


My jaw dropped when I heard this from Maggie this morning: “Nancy, can you help me please?” Uhm…ya. That’d be Mommy, thank you.


Burke plays this cute game where he “glues” parts of your body (usually hands) and then sticks them somewhere … like together or to your arms or whatever. You have to play along and not be able to get unstuck until he squirts “water” onto said part. Many times, as soon as he “glues” my hands, I’ll be quicker than him and get stuck to his arms. A few days ago when we played, he did his usual “water” squirt but I told him that it wouldn’t work because I was stuck with Superglue. He just smiled and said, “But this is super water!”


Stellar mommy moment:  stapled the back of Burke’s bathing suit together so it wouldn’t fall down. (In case you’re wondering…it didn’t work very well.)


Is it wrong to put the TV on to distract the kids so I could try to finish my book? It was Sesame Street…


Something I never thought I’d hear myself say: “Burke! It’s not very smart to scare the cat when you have no clothes on!”

11 Responses

  1. So long as the TV show was Sesame Street, and not your book. I think putting the kids in front of the TV so you could read a Sesame Street book would wrong 🙂 Otherwise, my vote is that you’re in the clear (says the mom who gets 22 minutes of reading or blog-checking time every day thanks to the Backyardigans!)

  2. HA! Love the last one! And no, definately not wrong to put them in front of the tv….said the mom whose poor children had to fend for themselves for a week while I read the Twilight series…

  3. Love the Blog Farts. Mine for today: Is it wrong to sort of hope I get the Swine Flu so Husband has to run around and find help while I lay in bed and watch TV?

  4. umm, of course its fine! You’re setting a good example by reading.

  5. Very funny.

  6. The last “fart” was an LOL moment for me. Can always use a laugh like that. I remember when my kids were young that one of them would be trying to get my attention with the usual “Mom, Mom” and I didn’t answer, so he/she would holler, “Fran!” Invariably got my attention to hear a familiar small voice calling me Fran.

  7. PS – you’re asking ME if it’s all right to let/make your kids watch Sesame Street so I can finish my book!?!

  8. Bwahahahaha! NO naked cat scaring EVER! ;0)


  9. LOL! Love your farts Nancy! (that just sounds SO wrong! hahaha)

  10. Oh Nancy, I just love these! Maybe I sould start doing them too.

  11. I have a new favorite term: “blog farts.” Funny stuff, especially the last one!

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