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TOO HIGH!!!! (and too big!)

You’ve seen posts about the new swing set… And I think I mentioned that Mike and Jon were supposed to cement the swing down last Saturday. All I can say after viewing video from my nanny (from which the following picture is captured) is: THANK GOD Mike cemented it down on Sunday!!!

Too High

Too High!

Brenda also took some super cute pictures of Logan on the tricycle…but he just looks too darn big! When did that happen??

Too Big

Too Big!

The Swing is Together!!

…but did I TAKE any pictures?? Of course not. I did not capture one minute of thier glee while sliding down the slide, or swinging in the swing, or sitting in the middle of the double-glider-type swing. Or when they figured out how to teeter-totter together…with Maggie waving each and every time she was at the top.

*sigh* Bad mommy 😛

Next step is to get a baby swing for Logan to put in the “trapese” place…cuz the kids couldn’t reach that anyway.

Puttin’ the Swing Together

…sorta. 🙂

Mike and his Pop started to put the swing set together this afternoon. The reviews of this swing set state plainly that this (and others like it) are a PAIN to put together…and yup – they’re right! It’s just a lot of pieces and, as per typical of things like this, the instructions don’t REALLY instruct. (As a technical writer, I’m appalled that things like these are allowed to go out the door!!)

The kids had a blast “sliding” across the slide. They’d scoot from one end to the other, run around and start it all over again. Pretty cute.

Unfortunately, it got REALLY hot so they had to stop before passing out. And then it started raining cats and dogs – with thunder and lightning! So we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to finish it up. Luckily Mike’s Pop will still be here, as it’s definitely a two-person job, and so is making sure the kids stay out of the way 😉

Burke and Maggie really wanted to help…and they really wanted to swing! They were really patient throughout the day too. I kept telling them that the swing set was still cooking…which is what we say when they’re waiting for their food, and they’re pretty good about that.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that we’ll have good weather to finish up tomorrow!