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Mom of the Year Award

Ya. Sign me up.

Last night I wasn’t feeling well and had decided to not go to my moms of twins meeting – so I figured I’d get some dinner going. Logan was whining, so I decided to let him come into the kitchen with me. The twins were watching a movie.

Every time I glanced over at what Logan was doing, he seemed to be fine. Mostly just playing with the empty water bottles in the recycle bin. At one point I glanced up and noticed a mess on the floor. I figured he spilled something that was left over in one of the cans in the recycle bin. Ya. No. He was sitting there playing quietly while his blood was dripping from somewhere – all over everything.

Heart in throat, I started to check him over. Both hands were covered, his mouth was covered, his clothes, the floor, the cans he was playing with. He cut his left thumb on a can that had the tab popped off. It was pretty deep and I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding for a while. But the little guy didn’t even really notice! I had him sitting on the sink splashing in the water while I was trying to apply pressure on his thumb.

Poor Mike. I texted him that Logan had cut his thumb and he needed to call me (I had tried to call twice, but he hadn’t answered.) He ran the whole way home from the train station. And of course, by that time Logan’s thumb was only slightly dribbling by this point.

Needless to say, the recycle bin will be moving out of the kitchen.