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Friday’s Fotos: Studious, Knitting, and The Zoo

Burke asked to try on my glasses the other day. I thought he looked super cute (and quite studious!) Mike thought he looked a bit Harry Potter-ish (Like I said, super cute and studious LOL!)

Burke in Mommy's Glasses


I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’ve started knitting. I’m happy to report that I finally figured out that 3rd row, and I’m now on row 22! Woot! Oh, and thanks to Goddess, I tried out continental knitting instead of the traditional English knitting (although, I have to admit that I was afraid to switch after starting out one way). HOLY COW – so much easier and faster. Especially coming from a crochet point-of-view. I think the switch made me have a few crazy stitches – still not quite sure what I did since the numbers are all the same…but hey, it’s gonna look very home made 😉 And my stitches are kinda loose – especially on the ends – but overall, I’m kind of impressed with myself 🙂

Rib and Garter Afghan


I finally got my own domain!! It’s official: zimmerzoo.com is MINE.

Update your links (although, old ones will still work…)

Stuck Up?

When I was in Junior High, my eye sight was checked and sure enough – I needed glasses. As any typical teenager does, I chose not to wear them unless absolutely necessary (like, in class when I couldn’t see the chalk board).

I’m not sure why I felt it necessary to walk around blind – everyone else in my family already had glasses or contact lenses, so it’s not like it was a foreign concept to me…but there you have it.

What did this do to my social life? Not much…except that I know people thought I was stuck up when I didn’t wave to them when they were down the hall. It seriously wasn’t that I was stuck up – I just didn’t SEE you!!

Which brings up another point…now that I actually do wear my glasses (or contacts if I’m feelin’ fancy), there are probably still times when I don’t say “hi!” or wave to people when I see them. Especially when I’m back in my home town for a visit. I’ll see someone I went to school with – or someone’s mom – and think “Oh! That’s so-and-so…I should say ‘hi’ to her!” And then I’ll think, “But what if she doesn’t remember me..?” And then I’ll think “So what, I should do it anyway” …but then the moment has passed and it’s been too long and it’ll feel funny because I didn’t say it RIGHT away… And then I’m thinking “Wait a minute…SHE didn’t say hi to ME. I guess she doesn’t remember me.”

So…think about it. What if the WHOLE WORLD has these thoughts? No one says “hi” to anyone from their ‘former’ life because they’re all afraid that so-and-so won’t remember them.

I say, so what if they don’t? Next time…say “hi” and smile. You don’t have to stop and chat, but who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to catch up with an old friend. If nothing else, you’ve just passed a smile on and possibly made someone’s day.

P.S. If you see me, TOTALLY say “hi” – I’ll remember you 🙂