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Way Back When-esday

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go on over to see who else is playing – and join in too!

I ran across my crafting log the other day and thought “OH YA! I used to take a picture of everything I made! Why haven’t I done that recently??” So…I need to start hunting things down and start taking pictures again. (Alas, there are some that were gifts, so I’ll probably never get pictures of those…)

Anyway, these photos are from December 1993. I was a Sophomore at Clarkson University and I had just taught myself how to crochet! You get a two-for-the-price-of-one deal here…an old picture of me AND a picture of the sweater I made.

1993: Nancy and a Hand Made Crochet Sweater

Hand Made Crochet Sweater

(And now I’ve just confused myself because the date in the book says December 1993, but I remember when this picture was taken, and I’m fairly certain that that’s the common area of my dorms Junior year. Perhaps I finished the sweater in 1993, but took the picture later on. Way to take notes, Nance.)

Does This Mean I’m Getting Old?

There are a few things going on that make me wonder if I’m just getting old.

Like…my new found fondness for knitting.

And realizing that the creaking on the stairs isn’t JUST the stairs (my poor knee).

And really wanting to nap in the afternoons.

The thing that took me by surprise was receiving a package today. I signed up for a knit/crochet-of-the-month type club. The first package arrived today … along with brochures for mobility scooters, AARP, and Diabetes paraphernalia. WHAT?!

Friday’s Fotos: Studious, Knitting, and The Zoo

Burke asked to try on my glasses the other day. I thought he looked super cute (and quite studious!) Mike thought he looked a bit Harry Potter-ish (Like I said, super cute and studious LOL!)

Burke in Mommy's Glasses


I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’ve started knitting. I’m happy to report that I finally figured out that 3rd row, and I’m now on row 22! Woot! Oh, and thanks to Goddess, I tried out continental knitting instead of the traditional English knitting (although, I have to admit that I was afraid to switch after starting out one way). HOLY COW – so much easier and faster. Especially coming from a crochet point-of-view. I think the switch made me have a few crazy stitches – still not quite sure what I did since the numbers are all the same…but hey, it’s gonna look very home made 😉 And my stitches are kinda loose – especially on the ends – but overall, I’m kind of impressed with myself 🙂

Rib and Garter Afghan


I finally got my own domain!! It’s official: zimmerzoo.com is MINE.

Update your links (although, old ones will still work…)

Knit 1, Purl 1, Unravel 2

I’ve been reading the Debbie Macomber Blossom Street books which have inspired me to try out knitting – again, I think. I mean, I’m fairly certain that I knitted a bit when I was in elementary school. (Look for my book review on the Blossom Street books soon…gotta finish the one I’m reading first.)

The good news is that I have the casting on down cold. And the knit 1, purl 1 is pretty easy as well. And it would be good news if I said that I’ve knit about 10 rows (of 159 stitches each!!)…except that I’ve unraveled that many as well. *sigh* I get to the 3rd row of my pattern and freak out. And the pattern is geared for beginners! Not labeled easy. Labeled Beginner. Ya. that’s right. that extra hook needle is trippin’ me up (Can you tell I’m a crocheter? 😉 )

As a crocheter, I keep the yarn in my left hand. My first hurtle was getting used to holding the yarn in my right hand. The second hurdle was that second needle. Luckily, I was smart and got the circular needles so they’re attached. Every time I “drop” one, it doesn’t go far so I don’t have to dig it out of the couch cushions 🙂

My biggest problem is that I don’t know what to do if I mess up a stitch. With crocheting, you unravel a bit to where you know you messed up (or a bit past it), and then continue. It doesn’t seem to be that easy with knitting…the stitches are more intertwined than crochet, so I don’t know where to pick up the stitch that I dropped (if only it were that I’m just dropping it…I think I’d be able to figure THAT one out), or how to unravel a few stitches but make the stitches that get put back on the needle look right.

I suppose with practice (and boy am I getting practice), I’ll learn what they look like and how to twist things around so the stitches go in the right direction and stuff…but right now I’m terrified that I’ll *finally* get to row 4, mess up, and then end up unraveling the entire dang thing again!

Any tips for a beginner? 🙂

My New Diet Plan

I’ve come up with a new diet plan that will not only help me lose weight, but it might also keep me warm!

I figured out that I won’t eat if I’m crocheting. . . I don’t want to get my yarn all dirty, right? So perhaps if I make a rule that I *have* to crochet at night while watching TV (instead of snacking), I’ll shed some pounds! 🙂 And … since my favorite things to make are afghans…I’ll be keeping myself warm for the winter as well. Win – win!

AND, since I discovered the nifty new Crochet hook (wanna win one?), my hands aren’t cramping. Woot!

Do you think my diet fad will catch on?

A Shining Star in the Crochet World

I love to crochet. Before I had kids, I crocheted almost as much as I read books. (Hard to do both at the same time though…) I tried knitting, but I guess my brain can only follow one hook (or needle) at a time. 🙂

The other day, I had about an hour to kill between getting a throat culture and picking up the kids from school, so I hit the local craft store for some yarn. I found what I was looking for almost immediately, including a pattern! 50 minutes left to kill, so I figured I’d buy a hook as well so I could go ahead and start on my blanket. (Since I’m always in the middle of about 20 different projects, and I like keeping the right size hook with said project, I can never have too many…) Except…all of the size I needed were GONE. In every brand on the rack! Grrr.

So I wandered around a  bit looking at the end caps and a new hook caught my eye. THERE was the size I needed… only … it looks a little funny (and colorful!)

I picked it up and got excited…The Widget Crochet Lite has an acrylic (“normal”) hook, but it lights up! The handle has batteries and a switch…so it’s larger than normal, but it also has a “grippy” on it. And did I mention a light?? I can crochet in the DARK!!


Now, you’re thinking, “Why on Earth would you crochet in the dark??” right? I’ll tell you why… And it’s not just because my Great Granny Mac used to crochet at the movie theater (I still don’t know how she did that!) … it’s for all of those long trips we take to Vermont! I usually have to stop crocheting once I realize that I’ve been squinting for the past half hour and have to rip out the last row of stitches.

It’s PERFECT!! I used it on the way home one evening last week, and the light didn’t bother Mike while he was driving at all. Woot!

Oh – and an added (HUGE) bonus? Since the handle is about twice the size of a “normal” hook, my hand doesn’t cramp any more!! (Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m getting old. Shoosh. 😉 )

I think I’m in love. And I’m SO going back for more sizes.

Want one of your own? Leave me a comment with your favorite thing to crochet. (My favorite is afghans since they’re incredibly forgiving), and the size hook you use most often. A link to a favorite project (only if you can do it legally!) will get you another entry. Random.org will choose one winner in a week (so comment by Midnight, Monday, December 14th if you want a chance). I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday the 15th.

No one sent me this product to review, I bought it on my own…as I will buy the winner their own … in the size they want.