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A Shining Star in the Crochet World

I love to crochet. Before I had kids, I crocheted almost as much as I read books. (Hard to do both at the same time though…) I tried knitting, but I guess my brain can only follow one hook (or needle) at a time. 🙂

The other day, I had about an hour to kill between getting a throat culture and picking up the kids from school, so I hit the local craft store for some yarn. I found what I was looking for almost immediately, including a pattern! 50 minutes left to kill, so I figured I’d buy a hook as well so I could go ahead and start on my blanket. (Since I’m always in the middle of about 20 different projects, and I like keeping the right size hook with said project, I can never have too many…) Except…all of the size I needed were GONE. In every brand on the rack! Grrr.

So I wandered around a  bit looking at the end caps and a new hook caught my eye. THERE was the size I needed… only … it looks a little funny (and colorful!)

I picked it up and got excited…The Widget Crochet Lite has an acrylic (“normal”) hook, but it lights up! The handle has batteries and a switch…so it’s larger than normal, but it also has a “grippy” on it. And did I mention a light?? I can crochet in the DARK!!


Now, you’re thinking, “Why on Earth would you crochet in the dark??” right? I’ll tell you why… And it’s not just because my Great Granny Mac used to crochet at the movie theater (I still don’t know how she did that!) … it’s for all of those long trips we take to Vermont! I usually have to stop crocheting once I realize that I’ve been squinting for the past half hour and have to rip out the last row of stitches.

It’s PERFECT!! I used it on the way home one evening last week, and the light didn’t bother Mike while he was driving at all. Woot!

Oh – and an added (HUGE) bonus? Since the handle is about twice the size of a “normal” hook, my hand doesn’t cramp any more!! (Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m getting old. Shoosh. 😉 )

I think I’m in love. And I’m SO going back for more sizes.

Want one of your own? Leave me a comment with your favorite thing to crochet. (My favorite is afghans since they’re incredibly forgiving), and the size hook you use most often. A link to a favorite project (only if you can do it legally!) will get you another entry. Random.org will choose one winner in a week (so comment by Midnight, Monday, December 14th if you want a chance). I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday the 15th.

No one sent me this product to review, I bought it on my own…as I will buy the winner their own … in the size they want.

8 Responses

  1. I love love love to crochet scarves. I’ve tried to expand to other things but scarves are my heart.

  2. I love to crochet! This looks like an interesting hook. I’ve made little snowflakes for the Christmas tree, and lots of scarves and ponchos for the kids. Lately it’s mostly been Amigurumi animals. I probably use “G” the most (I think).

  3. Oh behave! I LOVE this idea…and I love to crochet, too!
    (As a matter of fact, I have a Finished for Friday in the wings for ThreeUnder’s blog carnival that I improvised Sunday night!)

    I’m all about a K hook or G hook right now!

    Fun crafty review, my friend!

  4. Great product! Do they have lighted knitting needles, too? ‘Fraid the crochet gene skipped this person — can’t even say “this generation” because Aunt Susie crocheted.

  5. No no – do not put me in the draw – I have no idea how to crochet. But what an innovative idea.

  6. I’m going to enter this for my daughter Stephanie who crochets all the time (I don’t know how!) Steph LOVES to make hats and scarves!
    If I win, it’s a Christmas present for her 🙂

  7. I’m doing baby blankets, and more baby blankets. I use anything from G to N – right now I’m doing this in an N.

    I’m hoping for the smartglo crochet hooks for Hannukah. Have you tried those? Charge them in the light and then glow in the dark.

    Mostly I use I, I guess.

  8. I have found my own kind!!!! I also love to crochet afghans – especially baby ones and of course read books but not at the same time!

    Mt favorite is the ABC afghan by Caron Yarns – favorite hooks are f and g.

    Thanks… great site


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