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McCormick Grill Party

Did someone say Grill? And Party? Mike must be involved!! 🙂

Crowdtap sent a  big package with all sorts of cool seasonings and sauces in it. So Mike set to work and made: hot dogs, burgers, chicken, pork chops, and potatoes. The burgers were the BIGGEST hit. He made them with the Molasses Bacon seasoning and they were *so* good! (Someone even asked where he bought the burgers, LOL!)

We had 48 people here. Yes. *48*!! In all honesty, since it was all in the back yard, it really didn’t seem all that crowded. And since they’re all my friends, everyone got along fantastically! (I have to admit…I was a bit worried since it was people from all areas of my life!) The kids were all fantastic. The older ones were entertaining the littler ones – and actually enjoying it 🙂 At one point, I believe Logan had all of the 6 year olds held “hostage” up in the tree house with his tiny little water gun. that was empty. LOL!! That kid. 🙂

Way Back When-esday

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go on over to see who else is playing – and join in too!

These pictures come from one of the first BBQs we had when we moved into our house in 2007. I was about 8 months pregnant with Logan here. Burke and Maggie were about 2.5.

Mommy and Maggie (and Logan)

Yum! Brownies!

Burke's a Little Wet

"Wanna play ball?"

Saturday Snapshot: Almost Annual My Street BBQ

When we first moved to our town, we wanted to meet our neighbors, so we held a BBQ and invited everyone on our street.

We meant to hold it every year, but last summer slipped by way too fast and we didn’t get one in.

Today was our 2nd My Street BBQ. We had neighbors from 1 year old all the way through (I’m guessing) mid-80s. What a blast! 🙂

I remembered to take a few shots at the beginning, but I dropped the ball and didn’t get everyone…or any action shots of the kids. (Bad Nancy!)

18 adults and 11 kids total.

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go over and have a look at what others are doing on this thank-goodness-it-only-rained-a-little Saturday.

Graduation BBQ

We invited the kids from Maggie and Burke’s class (and their families) over for a Graduation BBQ today.

Mike went all out: burgers, dogs, kielbasa, pork chops, green beans, and potatoes. We also had stuffed shells with meatballs and a pasta salad.

Cupcakes, Oreo brownies, and this wonderful chocolate bark (that I’m so getting the recipe for!) were available for dessert.

The kids had a blast playing in the kiddie pool (that I broke and partially patched right before everyone got here!), running through the sprinkler, splashing in the water table, swinging, playing in the sandbox, and climbing on the playhouse. In general, being kids 🙂

I lost count, but I think there were 14 or 15 kids and 10 or 11 adults.

Good Food, Good Company

…not necessarily in that order…

Yesterday, our good friend Jon came over for some BBQ. He and Mike were going to try to get the swing concreted in (MAN does it seem like it’s going to tip over when the kids swing ‘energetically’!), but with the rain in the forecast, they decided to bag that and just BBQ instead. (They chose wisely – the minute Mike stepped in with the food, it started to pour – so not only did they save the concrete, but they started BBQ’ing earlier so Mike didn’t get stuck cooking in the rain again.)

What did we have, you ask? Even with only *ONE* guest, Mike goes all out: Steak, kielbasa, ribs, green beans, onions, and potatoes. See?

View of the goodies from the right

View of the goodies from the right

View of the goodies from the left

View of the goodies from the left

I’m going to give away one of Mike secrets. Penzey’s spices. MAN oh MAN – once you use these, you will NEVER go back to regular ol’ store bought spices.

Oh, and I’m happy to report that even though Jon was here, my towel tags are still attached.

Logan on his birthday

Logan on his birthday

Logan on his birthday

Logan on his birthday

Commenting on Comments: *phew* threeundertwo is okay with me blatantly stealing her idea…and you make great points about building the blogging community.

I Was Carded!: Glad we saved you a stop, Jon. 🙂

Yucky Nose: Boogie art. Lovely 😛 threeundertwo, Are you the one who posted about that a little while ago? And you were nice enough to NOT include a picture 😉 But Heather, it WAS my shirt! Uhg…dragging his nose down the *wall*?? Bia, let’s hope that doesn’t happen here! LOL Yup, grannyfrani, I’m *sure* this all comes from Mike’s side of the family…we would *never* do anything disgusting on OUR side 😉

Eleven Kids Under 1

That’s how many were at our BBQ today. Let me restate that. Eleven kids under the age of *one*. Plus 7 kids between the age of 1 and 3.5. And then 17 adults. (One of whom is 35 weeks pregnant – with twins.) What a crazy fun time! 🙂

Here, There, Everywhere

(From the left) Mitch, Oliver, Michelle, Sydney, the back of Andrew's head, Liam, Craig, Kris, Owen's Behind, Gabe, the back of Logan, Zach, Emma, Annie, the back of Stephanie

Mike’s a part of the Dad’s of Twins spin-off group of my Mom’s of Twins club, so he invited them all to a BBQ at our house. (They have about 25 members as opposed to the 250 members in the mom’s club…so it’s do-able.)

(clockwise from the left) Melanie, Walter, Ruben, Sophie, Jeff, Kristin, Mike, Aaron, Sophia, Stephanie, Burke, Alex's head, Logan

(clockwise, starting from the left) Walter, Melanie, Ruben, Sophie, Jeff, Kristin, Mike, Aaron, Sophia, Stephanie, Burke, the back of Alex's head, Logan

So Mike did his typical: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Kielbasa, chicken, asparagus, beans, and potatoes. And the other families brought side dishes and desserts.


Alex, Cordelia, the back of Steve, Paul

I’m happy to report that we did not lose a single kid! LOL And there were no major injuries. And only a few minor melt-downs (Logan being one of them).

Stephanie's Son, Stephanie, Sophia, Mike, Kris, Katie, Andrew, Michelle, Sydney

Ethan, Stephanie, Sophia, Mike, Kris, Katie, Andrew, Michelle, Sydney

We heard a lot of thunder rumbling, and we got sprinkled on a little bit (so we gathered under the canopy and stayed pretty dry), but the rain mostly held off, and so did the lighting. Woo hoo!

Emma, Oliver, Annie, Mitch, Stephanie, Stephanie's Son

Emma, Oliver, Annie, Mitch, Stephanie, Ethan

I tried to get everyone…but it turns out that my aim isn’t that great. (If you’re not pictured – or if it’s just the back of your head, I’m sorry!! Also, if your twins are mixed up in the captions, please let me know…)

Logan, Elizabeth, Cordelia

Logan, Elizabeth, Cordelia

I had a great time meeting everyone and chatting about things. And I know Maggie made a friend…

Andrew and Maggie

Andrew and Maggie